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Wyoming Elk Unit 21 - posted 4 months ago

Baggs, Encampment & Riverside, are closer towns (than Saratoga & Rawlins) with some gas, lodging, groceries, etc.

Battle of the boots - posted 5 months ago

@Seth D. I have the same half size problem. I'd say half sizes stop at 11.5. I measure a 14.5, so a 15.5 would be perfect for me, but doesn't exist. I went to Lathrop & Sons but their boots don't go that large so they put me in a Lowa size 16! With Herman Munster feet I didn't want any extra size or weight than necessary, but that's the reality. Long story short with good custom molded semi-compliant foot beds and wool socks + liner socks = zero problems or blisters with many many miles on their first season an packed out some heavy loads (did lots of pre-break-in). If I were you I'd go to Lathrop & Sons as they have a very scientific measuring technique.