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2020 Arizona spring leftover hunting permit list - posted 6 months ago

I am a non-resident and I have an Arizona hunting license that is valid through the end of the year(2019). Do I need to buy a new one to hunt archery Javelina in January?

Freeze-dried food taste test: Mountain House Edition! - posted 7 months ago

Mountain house meals give me the shits

Bringing a bow to a gunfight - posted 7 months ago

Great article. I’ve always though about hunting spike elk in Utah with bow during the any legal weapon season. Or hunting with a bow during an October any legal weapon Cow elk hunt

6 reasons why llamas are the ultimate pack animal for hunting - posted 11 months ago

Llamas might have some advantages but I think horses are the ULTIMATE pack animal for hunting

Looking for a spring bear hunt that's different than the norm? - posted 1 year ago

On insider I see archery spring as the only OTC option for the spring. In this article it mentions a general spring bear tag for the spring in which you can use a gun. Is there something I’m missing?