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Alert: Idaho suspends the sale of nonresident hunting permits/licenses due to COVID-19 - posted 1 month ago

My speculation is that since other states shut their seasons down, we followed suit to prevent an influx of hunters from potential infected areas. Our rural areas cannot handle a spike in virus cases..Blaine County has less than 20k full time residents but more cases than a dozen other states. Bad situation but it honestly needed to happen to protect residents on rural communities. Hopefully it ends soon!

IDFG killed over 200 elk for depredation study last year - posted 4 months ago

You can't force them to allow hunters on private property but what they can do is STOP giving the landowners tag vouchers which are either used or sold off. You don't want to help us (F&G) help you? No more tags or reimbursements. You're on your own at that point. Us locals know that won't happen as it has been proven that the landowners are king (see Idaho trespass laws).

APPLICATION STRATEGY 2019: Idaho Deer - posted 1 year ago

You may want to mention that the OTC hunts for Units 40 and 42 for archery and rifle have a 2-point restriction. The table shows the "trophy potential" for those units but you cannot take animals in that caliber on those hunts.

The March INSIDER Giveaway! 5 Vortex Razor HD 10x42 binoculars - posted 1 year ago

This is awesome. Good luck everyone!

Colorado discusses possibility of wolf reintroduction - posted 1 year ago

Very bad news here. It's no secret that these predators do tremendous damage to ungulate populations. The once famous Lolo elk herd in northern Idaho was reduced from about 15,000 head in 1989 to under 2,000 in 2017. Granted, there are other factors but don't kid yourself, the wolves had a major hand in the decline of the elk. I hunt central Idaho every year and they have definitely done visible damage to the herds there. I have also spotted them in the mountains just outside of Boise. I hope that Colorado doesn't suffer like Idaho has. Hunters need to band together and fight this...the way I see it, this is the anti-hunters way of slowly stopping hunting.