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Montana landowner wins road access lawsuit - posted 5 months ago

@Brian B. the problem is the road was documented as a public road on old maps. Just because something isn't maintained doesn't mean it stops being public. Especially when the landowner just decided one day to chain the gate and not allow anyone in to maintain it. Then 12 years later a judge says well its not maintained so who cares what the old plot maps say. How would you like it if one day your neighbor walked over and chained up and fenced off a piece of your property. Perhaps you don't notice for a few years and then a judge says I know what the plot maps and deeds say but he has been maintaining it so you're out of luck. Stop looking thru a blinded lens. No one is asking to trespass, people are asking to use a documented public roadway that was illegally closed. Period. I can't tell you how many times I have had land owners move fences, markers, etc hundreds of yards and in some cases miles to keep public out.

HOPES AND DREAMS - Once In A Lifetime Nevada Elk Hunt - posted 5 months ago

Great film! Always fun to draw a great tag!

Wyoming Antelope Unit 52 - posted 1 year ago

Trail, I was referring to the special draw. It shows 100% success with 1 point on both units. Just want to verify before I put my eggs in that basket.

Wyoming Antelope Unit 52 - posted 1 year ago

Are the 2019 draw odds correct on this that both Type 1 and type 2 would be 100% with 1 point?

Wyoming Antelope Unit 43 - posted 1 year ago

Anyone know if you can hunt the irrigation district public lands in this unit? On onX it appears to be Wyoming land but is it legal to hunt there appears to be public road access to it...