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How to pull off an out-of-state backpack hunt on a budget - posted 6 months ago

$2.83 a gallon!!!????? I’d take that any day of the week for my truck! Out here in Northern California, Sacramento, I’m feeling lucky filling up at $3.30 a gallon, just today I filled up for $3.84 a gallon. Anyways, I’ll jump off my gasoline high horse.

I’m so excited for this year, my Dad and I are going hunting in Colorado, 3rd season, Mule deer hunting with his cousin and his son. First time pops and I have hit the hill in 10 years. Being that it is 4 adults, we are renting an Air BnB, $1000 bucks total for 8 nights, 9 days, split 4 ways, it is the perfect way to go.

We decided back in the summer of last year that we were going out of state this year no matter what, so we have been putting some money aside each month and not touching it until this past month when we started getting some cold weather gear. Definitely the way to go, plan ahead, save ahead, and create memories. I hope we all tag out this year, even if we don’t, who can beat being with family, hunting and creating ever lasting memories.

Best of luck to all of you this season!!!

2019 Arizona spring leftover hunting permit list - posted 1 year ago

It may be a dumb questions, but the General Javelina hunt is a Rifle hunt, correct?

How to build a layering system - posted 1 year ago

I love the options, I've read nothing but great things about First Lite hunting apparel. My only concern is price, putting together a full package base layering system is going to run well over a thousand bucks, what would you recommend for those on a tighter budget?