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Are wolves a solution to CWD? — some wolf advocates think so - posted 6 months ago

If I understand CWD correctly this a fatal condition that will kill the host. The scary and most important note to this is once the host is dead it can still infect other deer. The piron is still present in the ground. So the question I have is what good does it do to have a wolf kill a deer infected or not if the carcass can still infect other deer? Seems to me your going to kill deer that will 100% die from there condition and healthy deer as well. I’m sure I don’t have a full understanding of CWD but seems like a bad idea to me.

South Dakota considers changes to nonresident hunting regulations - posted 7 months ago

South Dakota hates nonresident hunters. These new rule changes make it clear. They only want you to hunt there state if you’re paying an outfitter. Half the state if you’re non resident you can only archery hunt. The other half of the state had half the units removed from nonresident archery and a drawl must be done to obtain a rifle tag. Also they shorten the application period only for nonresident ONLY IF HUNTING PUBLIC GROUND. They also won’t allow any nonresident to hunt PUBLIC ground for the first month. If your hunting on private ground most these rules don’t apply. Clearly the state is promoting payed hunting. Looking way into the details South Dakota pulled a really slick move. South Dakota doesn’t allow any camping in the field, only on designated camping sites, South Dakota removed all the units around perrie from the archery tag so if you want to hunt anywhere you’re going to have to drive a minimum of an hour to get there.

New SD restrictions on moving elk and deer carcasses - posted 7 months ago

Slightly off topic but has anyone seen the new regulations on nonresident hunters in South Dakota? South Dakota isn’t a fan of nonresident hunters unless your paying an outfitter.