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APPLICATION STRATEGY 2019: Wyoming Elk - posted 1 month ago

Sorry just to clarify Benjamin and Trails comments... Do you only burn points if you hit your first choice? Sorry for the questions but WY seems confusing

APPLICATION STRATEGY 2019: Wyoming Elk - posted 1 month ago

How many points does WY fish and game decide/calculate to subtract from your bank? Example say I have banked 8 points for the past 8 yrs and never drew for one of the top units.... Now this year I am going to hunt a general archery unit that needs only 0 or 1 pt..... Do I burn all 8 pts or do they just take one point? (this is for non resident archery)... Thanks!

2020 Idaho nonresident OTC hunting tag list - posted 1 month ago

Totally agree Erik S...... I like gohunt content but the online industry is killing it... Draws a tag and does not know where to go.... I have no sympathy.... I think IDFG does a good job... It's not their fault a million people try to access the server

Backcountry necessities - posted 2 months ago

One of the most dangerous times of hunt is at the kill site, something we easily forget in the thrill of the moment.

Idaho Big Game Unit 51 - posted 1 year ago

Any grizzly bears in this zone?