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TOUR DE BRUIN - A Montana Spring Bear Hunt - posted 1 month ago

Very entertaining! I really enjoy Brady's style/attitude and have a lot or respect for he and Pete both. I'm looking forward to spring bear spot and stalk here in Idaho for my first time this year so this film has me jonesin' for spring! Great job guys

Wyoming considers new regulations for shed hunting - posted 1 month ago

Idaho has a ton of snowmobile restrictions in place for winter ranges but it seems is not policed. I have also struggled finding information and maps of winter range travel restrictions. Some (definitely not all) folks don't even know they are somewhere they shouldn't be.
I am a lifelong, avid and responsible snowmobiler and I agree with you Andrew S. There is plenty of open country available to snowmobilers and tracked ATV/SxS drivers so stay the heck off the winter range! Knowledge and enforcement needs to increase in Idaho and I would guess most western states.

Annual Idaho elk count begins - posted 1 month ago

I feel like IDFG does a pretty good job on my side of the state but we have some pretty great winter ranges that make counts easy. Funding and staffing is always an issue it seems. Also, up where they are counting, as you probably know, its pretty rugged timber country and hard to count.

If you don't agree with what they are doing you or have constructive input, can always volunteer and become part of the solution and process. It's your right (or privilege) as a citizen of this great state to know what's going on.

Wyoming bowhunter starts hunting ethics nonprofit - posted 2 months ago

Matthew I was thinking about emailing them this link if someone hasn't done it already. I am a big Exo fan and I feel the same. I know they have had a relationship with him in the past but I can't see them supporting his platform against out of state hunters since those guys hunt out of state a fair bit.

What’s the best way to pack game meat: Bone in or bone out? - posted 2 months ago

I like to use the bone-in gutless method and leave the hide on the quarters so I get less meat loss to drying while hanging/aging the meat. I do give my large dogs the leg bones after butchering as well so that helps me rationalize the extra weight in my pack. I've packed elk further than I like to admit this way. I will say I hunt later in the fall when it isn't so hot and if I ever did notch a tag in warm temps I am sure I would reconsider this method. Does anyone else leave the hide on when quartering and packing out?