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Will baiting continue to be legal in Utah? - posted 7 months ago

I am under the impression that Utah also allows 2-way electronic communication (texting or walkie talkie) to aid hunting partners in the take of an animal? I have been watching Hush's Best Season Yet 2.0 and they were doing it on an Utah Archery Deer hunt. Kinda surprised me to see...

California becomes first state to ban commercial fur trapping - posted 8 months ago

@Joseph R. That would be very cruel to the bears! If people think it's bad when a whale gets a 6 pack ring stuck on its fin, imagine what a plastic and silicone human would do stuck in a grizzly bears digestive system! Especially in the Hollywood hills where the people seem to be rotten from the inside out as well. Too bad we didn't let Mexico keep that place. California is a lost cause and I do my absolute best not to support their economy and stopped visiting there years ago.

Outdoor recreation impacts elk near Vail, CO - posted 8 months ago

"One solution would be to close backcountry access roads to mechanized travel during calving season."

If you are referring to motorized as mechanized, the above statement is a common misconception. When an animal hears a motorized vehicle it is usually from a distance and the animal has some time to casually move away.

I was recently speaking with a Forest Service LEO about this and he told me that the last study he had seen, Mtn Bikers (being the worst) and Hikers with Dogs cause more stress to animals than motorized vehicles. Reason being, the wildlife doesn't realize the intrusion until they are very near, causing them to make a mad dash with a greater energy expenditure, to flee the area.

I regularly hike with my dogs, used to Mtn Bike a lot and I own a dirt and atv so I am guilty of all sins and not pointing fingers at any user groups.

"the next step would be to ban all recreation in the area during calving season." To me, this is the only answer for areas that are experiencing a calf mortality rate that is detrimental to herd objective.

Montana landowner wins road access lawsuit - posted 9 months ago

"If some of you owned your own land you would have a different perspective."

Thats about as arrogant of a comment as it gets. While we are making blanket statements with no proof, Brian, I'd like to posit that words like yours are usually spoken by folks that inherited what they have or bought with money they didn't earn.

I do own my land and it is a quite small acreage so forgive me for not being at a higher station in life. Nonetheless, when I fenced my pasture I left a passage for the farmer to drive across to access their land located behind me so they could maintain their pivot line conveniently. I gained absolutely nothing from the farmer by doing this. Some folks just were raised right and know when to do the right thing.

I also have a natural stream on my land that I do not block access to. You won't find a single "No Trespassing" or "No hunting" sign on my land. The fact that I own a small piece of land makes every square foot of it more important to me, yet I still maintain enough humanity to share it.

Backcountry meals that aren’t Mountain House - posted 9 months ago

I think Omeals is what Wes ate in Land of the Free 2.0 when instead of using a couple ounces of water for the heat activator, he peed in it. Haha! Gross but effective if you want to save water.

I look forward to ordering some of the above before I go out this fall, instead of the usual mad dash to Cabela's for some last minute House. I did one of those mad dashes recently before a scouting trip and they didn't have any Mtn House but did have Alpineaire. I bought a couple and the results for me were mixed. I love Thai food so I tried the Thai Chicken with noodles and it was so bad I couldn't finish it. The second night was Pepper Beef with Rice and I think it was the best freeze dry meal I've ever had. The website says they've been in business for 30 years so not sure how I've never heard of them until now.

Great content as always Josh! You're becoming my favorite contributor on this site.