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Colorado Big Game Unit 49 - posted 1 year ago

David R.
If your maps are still available I’m interested.
Matt M

The stoveless backcountry hunting food list - posted 1 year ago

Brady, what have you got me into. I have been tracking down these items and that has taken me into stores I never would have gone into before. I realize I am probably quite a bit older than you but I’ve never been into organic, Keto, or any specialty grocery stores. GNC or MTN OPS is as far as I’ve been into the supplement market.

Does the cost of wild game meat pencil out? - posted 1 year ago

Floyd and Josh, I am an avid hunter and a rancher. I suspect the large count of animals killed relates to counting every chicken when my kids have chicken nuggets, hog when we eat bacon, and beef when we have a hamburger. This number fails to account for the fact that the same hog fed you pork chops, sausage, and ham; or the fact that almost all of the animal is used for meat or byproduct.