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How to purchase Montana bonus points and preference points - posted 7 months ago

Thanks for the info, Brady! Always great information. I've been trying to find more detail around the preference point expiration, but I cant seem to find any. My crew and I are planning on hunting Montana in the coming years, likely 2022. We want to start building preference points, but don't want to lose them if we don't actually apply within two years.

Say we buy a point this summer, we would have 1 point going into the 2020 draw. We would not apply in 2020 as we will likely draw Wyoming. We would then buy another point in summer of 2020, giving us two points going into the 2021 draw. If we do not apply in 2021, would we lose those two points? Or, does the expiration occur if you do not apply in that third year, 2022 in this case? Essentially, if we are wanting to hunt Montana in 2022, do we buy a preference point this summer, or wait until next to start accumulating?

Colorado Big Game Unit 211 - posted 1 year ago

Its intriguing that the OTC Archery article says it's tough to find elk but yet there's a 31% harvest success rate. Does anyone have any insight into this? Is it just due to Outfitters on private?