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Lorenzo's 2018 Idaho Backcountry Gear List - posted 4 months ago

I saw one of your go hunt trucks parked near a trail head we hunted for 9days in Idaho. I heard through other hunters y’all had a rough time locating game for a few days. We had that issue. What was your thoughts on the unit?

The advantages of salt pills for hunting - posted 5 months ago

I see products like this an other aspects being promoted to pick up hunter dollars all the time. My thoughts always go back to the same question. What would the Native people of the earth used during their lives to combat these issues? Did they need a salt pill at all?

Idaho Big Game Unit 67 - posted 7 months ago

I may hunt this unit in rifle season this year. As of now I’ll be solo if anyone is interested in backpacking in.
I’m open to other places as well. I just prefer DIY on public grounds

BETWEEN BASINS - A Highcountry Mule Deer Bowhunt - posted 7 months ago

GREAT REAL WORLD HUNT! So many times the most important things of a hunt like this are not on film! That special tasting snack makes the day amazing. You guys captured those Little details. An I’m so happy to see you take an animal that presented the right opportunity at the right time. Everyone wants to kill a monster but at the end of the day meat on the table is just as important! I’m on a trial membership but that video just sealed the deal for me! Thanks guys

Idaho Big Game Unit 67 - posted 8 months ago

Guys I’m new on here but I’ve hunted this unit two different years. I’ve actually saw a bull elk once briefly the first year. I got a free ride there the second time I went an saw nothing it 12 days hard scouting an hunting. I did hear of two guys getting elk. It’s very tough very rough be prepared lots of predators I saw and encountered bears cats wolves and several outfitters and hunters.