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Fixed blade vs. expandable blade broadheads... which is right for you? - posted 2 months ago

When I went broadhead shopping last year I ended up buying the Rage Trypan and the Slick Trick Magnum. I shot them both extensively. At least for my setup (Mathews Triax, 70lbs., 27.5 in) I actually shot the Slick Tricks better. There was really no discernible difference between the Slick Tricks and my field tips. The Trypans still shot well. But, there was more variation than with my field tips or the Slick Tricks. I would just encourage people to shoot the fixed and mechanicals out of their own setup before assuming that the mechanical is going to fly better.

From field to plate: elk breakfast biscuits - posted 2 months ago

My wife makes these often using the breakfast sausage from the wild pigs my daughter shot last year. They are fantastic. They also reheat well. Wrap a couple in a paper towel and heat for a few seconds in the microwave. Like most things, they're not as good as right out of the oven. But, certainly better than most "easy" breakfast fare.

Archery training tips to become a better bowhunter - posted 3 months ago

It's good advice to mix up your practice routine and these are some good ideas to do that. I would add the need to practice in very low light conditions. It's a different visual through your peep 15 minutes before sunrise versus the middle of the day. And the more arrows you put down range in those low light conditions will make you better prepared for that scenario in the field.

Hunter defends viral mountain lion video and photo - posted 4 months ago

When my 11 year old daughter shot her 10 point buck it was the highlight of my hunting life. I couldn't wait to share the news. So, I texted and emailed some family and friends. But, I didn't post on any social media and asked them to not post it as well. I specifically didn't send the photos to some of my family that is vegan/anti-hunting/anti-gun. My anti-hunting family members are well aware that my daughters and I hunt as much as possible. But, I don't try to inflame/offend them, like I would have with a picture of my daughters deer. Not because I'm ashamed or hiding anything. I'm just trying to be respectful of their point of view, even though I disagree with it. They have shown respect towards my point of view, by not getting into the whole anti-hunter thing with my daughters, which I greatly appreciate. Too often, it seems like mutual respect and healthy debate does not occur in the social media parts of life. So, I choose to not have those types of discussions in that forum. Not trying to tell anyone what to do or not do. Just what works for me.

PS - Glad to see a woman hunter out there getting it done. We need more of you.

The skinny on sleeping pads - posted 5 months ago

Good article Josh. Like you I went full circle on the sleeping pad. I went without one or with some super thin piece of junk. Now that I’m a bit older, this is an area I dont mind spending the money. I’ve carried the Exped Downmat UL7 for many years. Then last year I switched mainly to the Big Agnes Q-core SLX. I also had Nemo pad that was good as well. Sleeping on a nice pad after a long day hunting/hiking, is some of the best rest I get all year.