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Three ways to get your backcountry hunting setup lighter - posted 1 day ago

Good article. Packing your fears is a very real thing. For me food is my biggest issue. I consistently bring more food and water than I need. I'm much better at estimating that than I used to be. But, I have carried Clif bars all over the woods and right back to the truck.

I would also suggest that folks consider a quilt. Not only are the usually lighter, they are much more comfortable IMO. Especially if you move around a lot at night like I do. I have a Katabatic Palisade and it is fantastic. They aren't cheap. But, the quality is very high and I expect I will have it for 15 years.

2019 Wyoming And Arizona Draw Odds Now Available - posted 2 weeks ago

Maybe I missed them. But, I don't see the filters for % Public Land or Harvest Success %. Will those filters be added to WY and AZ? Thanks.