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Court orders New Mexico to release contact information for all big game applicants - posted 1 week ago

Personally, I don’t believe a word that Mr. Whitehead wrote in his post.

Keeping your hands warm on late-season hunts - posted 3 months ago

Good advice. This comment will seem obvious to most. But, I am always amazed at how much warmer mittens are than gloves. I long didn't wear mittens because of the loss of dexterity. But, they definitely have their place when it really gets cold. They make a huge difference.

Improving your backcountry sleeping game—Part 1 - posted 3 months ago

Jason - If it's going to be especially cold, I will throw on a down jacket and some gloves. Personally, I find the liners to be restricting. I will just add a little more clothing and pay close attention to my pad setup. I generally run the Big Agnes Q Core SLX. But, if the temp is going to be below about 20 degrees, I will use my Exped Downmat 9. It's heavy, but well worth it when the temps start getting really low.

Improving your backcountry sleeping game—Part 1 - posted 3 months ago

I converted to a down quilt a few years ago. I wish I had sone it years ago. As an active sleeper, the quilt is infinitely more comfortable. I have an overstuffed 20 degree quilt from Ketabatic Gear. I have taken it down into the single digits, with a well-insulated pad. Enlightened makes great stuff. I would also check out the Western Mountaineering quilts. All of the WM quilts and bags are top notch. If you are a back sleeper that doesn’t move much, the quilt won’t be much different than a bag. But, if you toss and turn, a quilt is fantastic.

Do you really need a new bow? - posted 6 months ago

Good article Josh. I got a Mathews Triax a couple of years ago. Then the Vertix came out this past Fall. I went back and forth on getting the Vertix. I really liked the Vertix. But, there really wasn’t any discernible difference from my Triax. So, ultimately I stuck with what I had. I could have easily talked myself into the new bow. But, it certainly wouldn’t have been about “need”. I think a good analogy is the golf equipment companies. They come out with new drivers every year. And for most people, there isn’t any real difference between one model year and the next. But, theyspend the money anyway. I’ve done it myself.