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Do you really need a new bow? - posted 1 month ago

Good article Josh. I got a Mathews Triax a couple of years ago. Then the Vertix came out this past Fall. I went back and forth on getting the Vertix. I really liked the Vertix. But, there really wasn’t any discernible difference from my Triax. So, ultimately I stuck with what I had. I could have easily talked myself into the new bow. But, it certainly wouldn’t have been about “need”. I think a good analogy is the golf equipment companies. They come out with new drivers every year. And for most people, there isn’t any real difference between one model year and the next. But, theyspend the money anyway. I’ve done it myself.

Recovering after a miss - posted 1 month ago

I missed a giant 6x6 bull in Oregon back in the mid-90's with my bow. Still bothers me to this day.

Idaho considers big changes to nonresident hunting - posted 1 month ago

This question isn't related specifically to Idaho. But, is there any good data that looks at actual hunting pressure in an area by residents versus non-residents? We've all heard the stories of the local guy who shows up at the trail head on opening day and there are 50 pickups already there and 49 of them have out of state plates. And maybe that is reality in some places. It would be interesting to see data on actual days in the field for residents and non-residents. Having the number of tags sold to each group is a start. But, actual hunting pressure comes from being in the field. Not just buying a tag.

My guess is that on average a resident will spend more days in the field hunting than an average non-resident. I would expect that effect to be more exaggerated, the longer a particular season runs. And I would also expect that a resident might be more likely to pick up a tag and never go out in the field. I know I did this when I was an Oregon resident. I would buy a tag "just in case" because they were so cheap. I doubt this data exists. But, I think it could prove instructive in managing excess hunting pressure in certain areas.

Idaho considers big changes to nonresident hunting - posted 2 months ago

They should tweak the system for what’s best for the wildlife and all hunters involved. As an outsider, I hope they don’t lockout us non-residents. Some states continue making it increasingly difficult on non-residents. (Looking at you New Mexico). Idaho has been very friendly to non-residents. Maybe too friendly. I can see why it needs to evolve.

Don’t geek out too hard on gear - posted 2 months ago

Josh K. - What knife is that in the top picture?