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Groups file intent to sue over governmental plans to kill 72 grizzlies - posted 2 months ago

I'm just wondering why both of the litigators "Center for Biological Diversity (CBD) and the Sierra Club" are described as conservation groups? I'm pretty sure they don't do much if anything in terms of "Conservation", they do steal lots of our public dollars in settlements through litigation.

Proposed Oregon laws too lax for killing elk damaging farm land - posted 11 months ago

Interesting read, I'm pretty sure Oregon's Ag Economy is closer $8 Billion not $8 Million? One of the problems I know we see in Western Oregon is the inability of the BLM, Forest Service and State to manage our forests. Their hands are tied since every proposed timber sale immediately turns into a lawsuit with one of the many fake environmental groups standing in the litigation line waiting for a handout. The suitable habitat isn't available anymore and the food source is the farmland. Certainly see both sides and it's frustrating.