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Idaho 2021 nonresident tag and license fee increase - posted 3 weeks ago

way to stick it to the youth and trying to get them engaged. My son and I hunt Idaho and now with the drastic increase, we will take our hunts elsewhere.

Nevada’s wild horse population hits all-time high - posted 8 months ago

I support the wild horse and love to hunt. I have found these horses, once broken in, can be great pack animals for hunting in the backcountry.

U.S. Justice Department challenges decision that blocked grizzly bear hunts - posted 10 months ago

It's important to note this appeal is headed to the ninth circuit because the judge who ruled is based out of Montana which is in the ninth. If the decision was in Wyoming, it would head to the 10th circuit out of Denver. It's possible this ruling would be shot down by the ninth circuit as most hunting cases are. Hopefully, this would be appealed to the Supreme Court if it makes it that far.

Wyoming passes on state sanctioned grizzly hunt - posted 10 months ago the mear fact you are commenting on this article says you are also subscribing. Don't be a hypocrite.

APPLICATION STRATEGY 2019: Idaho Elk - posted 10 months ago

Wolves are hurting the elk population in Idaho. If you draw a tag, be sure to pick up a few wolf tags to go along with it. They are inexpensive and needed.