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New Isle Royale predator-prey study underway - posted 5 months ago

Or just issue Moose tags... Some national parks allow hunting in certain portions. An Isle Royale Moose tag would be something very special.

APPLICATION STRATEGY 2019: Montana Deer - posted 8 months ago

@Dave B- I am a little confused on the preference point explanation. There seems to be some conflicting information. I understand that the "Bonus" points are only awarded after an unsuccessful draw. However, on the Montana State Profile page it states " Preference points purchased at the time of application are awarded prior to the drawing." It also states this on the FWP website.
On the 2019 regulations (pg 19) it says that you have the option to participate in the Preference Point program and that all accumulated points will be used during the draw.
Just a head's up unless it's different now and I missed something.

2019 Western Big Game Hunting Application Deadlines - posted 9 months ago

Really looking forward to the new states coming this year!

Will elk return to northeast Minnesota? - posted 10 months ago

Would be kind of neat, but they would already be competing with a dwindling herd of Whitetails and Moose. A few hard winters and an out of control and unmanaged wolf population will make this a pretty tall order.

The stoveless backcountry hunting food list - 2.0 - posted 1 year ago

I really like the protein idea and am going to try it myself, but... How do you keep your shaker cup clean in the backcountry without using a ton of water? Thinking I would just vacuum seal a long-eared packet and spoon it right out of the package.