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Idaho 2021 nonresident tag and license fee increase - posted 1 month ago

Finally some comments that I can make peace with I’m a 6 generation family member here in California I can remember hunting with my grandfather on his ranch in Sonora when I was a young man. I appreciate all of his stories and the time he gave to me on the Ranch that was one of the last Spanish land grants before it became a state. I’m 50 years old now and I have not hunted this ranch since he passed in 1991. It’s all a long story but when there’s thousands of acres and you live in Ca. The state always wins especially when the family is not prepared. I can’t bare to think what he would say about the old ranch if he were alive today. My feelings with the increased fees stands if it goes to conservation that’s a wonderful thing but if it distracts future generations of Hunters to hunt and enjoy the great out doors this is very sad. I will pay the fee no doubt to continue what I learned from my grandfather and enjoy the time with family. If this Covid 19 virus will allow it I plan on hunting there this September with my son who has learned to appreciate the outdoors greatly and will make a good Hunter. Of course he can not afford it as he will be 18 so I will foot that cost to enjoy my time with him. I will meet up with some great friends that I have enjoyed working with over my career outside of Ca. of coarse, In mining which is also very controversial. We’re all from different states now some from Idaho some from Colorado and even Alaska but Idaho has been our home when it’s time to hunt and I can’t wait to share it with my son. I hope my son can figure out and appreciate this type of bond and can continue this because I have a grandson now and I hope in many years from now we can all go together because you see here in Ca. We’re loosing our fight for Public land ten folds from when I was that kid hunting with my grandfather way back then and with out the Hunter there is nothing to stand in the way it all becoming private or not of passage for our precious resources the wild life and Habitat depends on future hunters. We are pricing it out for those generations to come. Young people only see the now not the when but it’s coming if we keep discouraging Hunters to come to states that have great value then we all loose. Some of you may think I’m wrong or most of you but think about it someone you loved or cared about got you started in our sport of hunting and we all enjoy it the same way I’m not just a CA. That lives in a glass box I earn my keep from the ground up and I would like to see future generations get to appreciate this same thing called our Public land Hunting. Keep it simple because if we continue to raise these prices like what just happen in Idaho what’s next in 25 years? Tell me.
Hopefully we all get to get out this year and enjoy some hunts and be safe!

Idaho 2021 nonresident tag and license fee increase - posted 2 months ago

This only make sense for the guy that can afford this kind of inflation they are pricing the legitimate hunters out of the hunt! Soon no one will be able to afford this and people will wonder why the number of hunters continues to hunt!
This pisses me off! If the conservation requires it then great I’m all in but if it’s just because the residents are thinking the non resident hunters are the issue then they are the problem! This will have a huge effect on Idaho and future Hunter of the United States! Just another great example of only the rich can hunt!

Nevada's new regulation on bringing animals back from out-of-state hunts - posted 9 months ago

Ok that’s good to know and thank you. I have a pot I can boil the skull, I saw Randy Newberge tutorial on YouTube it was help full as well.

Nevada's new regulation on bringing animals back from out-of-state hunts - posted 9 months ago

So I can not even drive through the state?