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Dustin F.

Supreme Court decision in favor of Native American elk hunter worries Wyoming - posted 3 weeks ago

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Dustin F.

Montana landowner wins road access lawsuit - posted 9 months ago

I echo @JoshS, "Oh really, Judge Gilbert? The road has become overgrown behind a gate that's been locked for 12 years, brilliant detective work."
This suit smells like fish. Looks like this outfitter wants their golden bow as well as their spectacular location adjacent to our shared public resource. I find it interesting that the judge discredits the historically relevant mapped roads. Seems like the necessary appeal needs better representation. If in fact it is a publicly accessed road; a just appeal will redeem this judges lack of good reasoning. I don't blame the landowner for trying to secure their borders, but believe there should be a better resolution to achieving a balance of shared value and landowner objectives. Looking at their guiding fees, I find them more reasonably priced. Perhaps their "best kept secret" business model will develop a better approach to supporting our hunting community. They are a listed outfitter on GH:

Dustin F.

French animal rights activist goes too far with mosquitos - posted 9 months ago

@John V, makes a great suggestion! Wouldn't that be the ultimate gift for those wild hungry creatures just trying to survive? This "anti-speciest" worldview is based upon a iteration of moral relativism; and, @JohnVs scenario presents a moral dilemma of highest order—supposing they adhere to adhering to congruent moral standards expressed as a human "sacrifice". The anti-speciest views although laughable for those grounded in objective moral reasoning, their ideas are politically concerning. Their moral construct is another example of separatism which makes no contribution to shared-human values grounded in health and wellness. And, as @SethD has experienced, these anti-hunting philosophies are very dangerous to humans doing completely permissible human things(hunting). Hunting in fact is a human right.

Dustin F.

Idaho study finds mountain lions kill more elk than wolves - posted 9 months ago

Thanks for the article Mrs. Schmitt. I appreciate your journalism.