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Brady Miller's 2018 Utah muzzleloader mule deer gear list - posted 1 year ago

I'm surprised that a guy who is so concerned about going light weight and shaving off every possible ounce from his pack decides to carry around an 11.24 pound muzzleloader….the Rem Ultimate is a great gun but there are other options weighing a few pounds less that will be more accurate, harder hitting, and flatter shooting than your current setup. Something to look into for future hunts.

How to increase your effective kill range with a bow - posted 2 years ago

I agree with you that increasing accuracy at longer ranges will make you more effective at shorter ranges and think everyone should be practicing at longer ranges for a few reasons (improve form and accuracy, being prepared for followup shots at longer range on a wounded animal, etc.). Your article isn't about becoming more effective and ethical at shorter distances by practicing at longer distances though, it's about 'how to increase your effective kill range with a bow'. Your rule of 3 only tells me the distance one can consistently shoot a paper plate under ideal shooting conditions. Throw some adrenaline, some uneven ground or a treestand that affects your form, and a target that could potentially move into the equation and it's a whole lot different than shooting a paper plate at the range. Maybe change your 'rule of 3' to something along the lines of assuming that in a hunting situation your group size will be 3 times the size they are at the range and set your effective hunting range accordingly. I don't agree with you that long range shooting is a skill just like the art of getting close but that's my personal opinion. I've seen and heard of way too many long shots not working out for guys to not chime in. I agree with the content of your article as they are all good tips for ensuring accuracy but we just don't see eye to eye on what that means for increased kill range.

How to increase your effective kill range with a bow - posted 2 years ago

How about an article with tips on how to get closer to game instead of how to shoot farther? Isn't that what hunting is all about?