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2019 Montana nonresident surplus elk licenses available May 6 - posted 9 months ago

Can you please provide a link to where you got this news from. I cant find anything on the Montana Fish and Game website. Thanks

APPLICATION STRATEGY 2019: Montana Elk - posted 1 year ago

It seems like there is a significant change in the draw odds for non resident big game combo tags from last year. I have been researching a western hunt for over 12 months and landed on Montana because the earlier results showed a 98% change of getting a non resident big game combo tag. The current results are down to 51%. Am I missing something. I am a rifle hunter, and only have two points built up in Wyoming, so can anyone recommend another state as a back up plan. Vacation time with work is booked.....So I need to go somewhere.

APPLICATION STRATEGY 2018: Montana Elk - posted 1 year ago

Hi, I was wondering if someone could explain how the Elk-B license works. As a non-resident how do I apply for one of these licenses, or acquire one. I see that the application window closes around June, after the March general license application window. Any help to clarrify how the B-license works would be greatly appreciated.

A look into insulation and outer layer essentials for late season hunts - posted 1 year ago

Here is what I dont understand for company sizing. For example, is a puffy jacket sized to go over a shell layer, and is a rain layer sized to go over a puffy. If I buy a large in each, are they sized to work together. They idea of layer make allot of sence and the articles are clear about this. My question relates more to a rainy November day when its 15 degrees and blowing, what do you wear and what sizes so each piece fits on top of the other.

5 people just won a fully loaded Mathews bow setup - posted 1 year ago

That was a close one for me. I am Eric P. from Ontario Canada.....Congrats to all.