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Idaho mule deer fawns experience “below-average survival rates” - posted 1 week ago

Agreed Nick. Out hunting last year 4 of every 5 trucks I saw running around OTC areas were out of state....

APPLICATION STRATEGY 2019: New Mexico Elk and Deer - posted 2 months ago

Lukas, I believe you are wondering if New Mexico reacts to party apps like Wyoming. I think (dont quote me on this) WY will issue additional tags to fill a party if drawn on the last tag. Example, 1 tag left, you and I are a party and draw the last tag they will issue two tags to fill the party app without effecting the previously applicants drawn. Most other states will toss your app to the side if selected and will draw again.

I do not think NM issues extra tags for a party if drawn. If I am wrong, someone please correct me.

Our biggest giveaway of the year — The 12 Days of INSIDER - posted 5 months ago

Congrats Rob! Jealous is and understatement.

Idaho commissioner steps down amid outrage over baboon kill photos - posted 7 months ago

Just like in 2012 when CA DFG President was ousted for harvesting a Mountain Lion LEGALLY in Idaho; his home state. It's a damn shame.

Three more Idaho wolves killed after livestock depredation - posted 10 months ago

TD, to say these wolves were not native to Idaho is not exactly correct. There is documentation of wolves in Idaho, specifically eastern, of their presence in the early 1800's. While they do have an impact that us hunters don't like to see, they are native to Idaho just as Grizzly's once roamed what is present day Golden Gate Park (also well documented). Just for a quick reference, see the below link, specifically pages 22-24 of the document.

Guess we just need to get out and fill more wolf tags.