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March INSIDER Giveaway: 5 Vortex Razor UHD 10x42 Binoculars! - posted 4 weeks ago

Get this Seth D fool outta here. Every time I see his name it's nothing but complaining or trolling. And to complain about 'not all of us are millennials w/ 20/20' yet being a keyboard junky, HA. Get some lasik or contacts to fix your shit or find another company.

Wolves confirmed in Colorado - posted 2 months ago

Now they need to take it off the ballot.... Let the carrying capacity and natural migration to new lands work itself out. And LET THEM HUNT THEM.

Alert: New 2020 Wyoming nonresident elk draw result date change - posted 3 months ago

Any changes to the point application period? If I recall - WY last year changed to NOT awarding a point on a unsuccessful app and had to go in after July to purchase a point. Same situation this year?

July INSIDER Giveaway: 8 Seek Outside Cimarron Shelters - posted 8 months ago

LETS GOOOO. I will instantly buy the stove from y'all if I win.

How to preserve velvet antlers in the field - posted 8 months ago

Thanks for the advice Brady.