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Show season - My favorites from the 2019 ATA show - posted 11 hours ago

@ Gary H. MSRP for the elk target is $219.99, so I would say it is definitely priced correctly. They should sell a ton considering it is like $1250 cheaper than their full size elk target and is even cheaper than just the vitals insert for the full size target. BTW there is no "h" in Rinehart.

Wyoming bowhunter starts hunting ethics nonprofit - posted 1 week ago

I'm honestly just shocked by this.. it's just nutty. So he's mad that after buying his $47 OTC trophy mule deer tag he had to share federal land with a group of hard-charging non-residents that waited 5+ years and paid more into WY wildlife in one hunt than he likely will in his lifetime of deer hunting WY?! I'm also taken back that he sells a backcountry big game hunting fitness program and then is offended when he sees guys in the backcountry.

"An experience Shaul had hunting in the fall of 2017 first sprung the idea of Mountain Pursuit. He was in the Wyoming Range — a popular area to pursue trophy mule deer — and was several miles from the nearest trailhead in a remote basin when he came upon eight nonresident bowhunters.“I was just taken aback by that,” Shaul said. “I started thinking about nonresident license allocation.” Hunting for an existing nonprofit organization that would effectively represent his interests, Shaul said he couldn’t find one."

Wyoming bowhunter starts hunting ethics nonprofit - posted 1 week ago

It pains me to see this guys name associated with Exo, Steve Speck and Mark Huelsing... hopefully this sentiment isn't shared with people who have previously promoted him.

2019 Wyoming And Arizona Draw Odds Now Available - posted 2 weeks ago

Has the new draw odds page been done all morning? I can't get the tabs for the states to show on that page.

Backpack Teardown — The goHUNT Stress Test - posted 5 months ago

Sort of confused that you guys used an Ultra instead of an Icon for the test, the overall weight and volume of the Ultra don't really make for a great comparison. Also would have been cool to see a Kifaru pack added to the mix. So my takeaway from this was buy an MR pack if you plan on running into a manbear in the woods! JK keep up the good work guys.