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Dominic Arcana



Digital Product Specialist

As Digital Product Specialist, Dom is responsible for the day-­to­-day communication, organization and testing of new and existing features on the goHUNT website. His love for hunting and passion for the outdoors makes him an ideal fit for the team.

Dave Barnett



Research Manager

As a Research Manager, Dave understands that gaining knowledge prior to a hunt makes the difference between a full freezer and an unpunched tag. This is what drives him to always search for the next piece of data or report that may add another piece to the puzzle, and fully embrace the hours it can take to gather it all.

Bryan Campos



Store Manager

As Store Manager at goHUNT, Bryan oversees the day to day operations for the store ensuring the Gear Shop has the right product offering for our customers. His passion is to serve the customer and drive technology innovation.

scott christensen



eCommerce Coordinator

As eCommerce Coordinator, Scott helps to ensure that the Gear Shop is running smoothly. His regular responsibilities include inventory management, analytics, and website optimization. He is a well rounded team member and helps out wherever it is necessary.

Stewart Christensen



Product Manager

As Product Manager, Stewart works with the Head of Product and the engineering team to create the best technology products in the industry. Stewart is passionate about creating apps and websites that are beautiful, powerful, and easy to use.

TJ Cole



Software Engineer

TJ is a lifelong, experienced full stack engineer with a specialization in being a master in front-end development. His creative expertise in both React and Javascript is an integral part in launching our INSIDER products.

David Cuaresma



Warehouse Associate

Here at goHUNT, David can be seen in his detailed approach of packing and shipping hundreds of line items a day, receiving incoming shipments, and ensuring all products and parts are in stellar quality before they are shipped out to the customer.



Software Engineer

As a graduate from the computer science program at UNLV, Wesley is accelerating his career and showcasing his abilities by jumping in feet first into a multitude of projects that advance the use of technology for any hunter out in the field.

Brandon Evans



Head of Research

As the Head of Research, Brandon goes the extra mile to ensure that the INSIDER products are not only up-to-date and valuable, but will help make a significant difference in your hunting experience.



Software Engineer

Adrian joins our team as one of our elite engineers with a specialty in mobile engineering and many years of experience under his belt. He uses his seasoned knowledge to push the state of the art forward in what the outdoor industry can expect from technology.

Trail Kreitzer



Research Manager & Gear Expert

As Research Manager and goHUNT Gear Expert, Trail has the experience, knowledge and ability to help you find your next hunting opportunity and select the gear that will allow you to be more comfortable and successful in your pursuits.

Dennis Lee



Outfitter Partnership Manager

Dennis takes great pride in upholding the quality of goHUNT’s marketplace for tags & hunts. He is devoted to the best possible experience for landowners, outfitters, and hunters.

Brady Miller



Digital Content Manager

As the Digital Content Manager of goHUNT, Brady’s work ethic is clear in the way he handles the day-to-day editorial content. Whether it’s posting breaking news or working on ways to use INSIDER tools to have your best season ever, he multi-tasks like a champ.

Justin Mitchell



Software Engineer

As one of our talented Software Engineers here at goHUNT, Justin is known for his all star abilities in front and back end development and application architecture. He hopes to assist in building quality products for users when they’re in the field and researching for their future hunts.

Cody Nelson



Optics Manager

Cody brings a lifetime of western hunting and using optics for finding big game. Cody’s world-class customer service and knowledge will help you select the optics for a successful outdoor experience.

Chris Neville



Video Content & Marketing Specialist

As the Video Content & Marketing Specialist, Chris is responsible for kicking out top notch editorial content and recording/chopping up video. He plays a big role in helping the editorial team to continue the trend of quality and entertaining content for the website.

McKayla Parry



Research & Data Coordinator

As a Research & Data Coordinator, McKayla works behind the scenes converting and uploading data to provide INSIDERs with reliable, up-to-date information about different hunts and units.



Associate Buyer & Gear Expert

As Associate Buyer & Gear Expert at goHUNT, Jared oversees the optimization of the Gear Shop and its daily operations. In addition, Jared is in charge of footwear and bringing the highest quality boots into the Gear Shop. Jared’s 21 years serving our Air Force as well as his love for hunting gives him the experience to approach our day to day shop needs with efficiency and passion.

Bruno Porter



Chief of Communications

As Chief of Communications, Bruno uses his stellar communication skills to manage the goHUNT brand. Whether he is having insightful conversations with our INSIDERS at shows or working with the top influencers in the industry, Bruno approaches his interactions in the public eye with enthusiasm.

Chris Porter



President & Co-founder

As President & Co-Founder, Chris has his hand in almost everything -- from collaborating on creative initiatives and marketing efforts, to growing our eCommerce business, to overseeing product and technology, to forging new brand partnerships and directing business development activities. In addition to these projects and overseeing the day to day operations, Chris manages the long-term strategy, including investment and growth opportunities for the company.

Nick Raffinan



Product Coordinator

As a Product Coordinator, Nick handles daily customer communication, analytics reporting, and testing of updated and newly developed products. Starting out as an intern, Nick believes his experience as a graduated UNLV Finance Major and interest in business will help goHUNT deliver products that will greatly improve the experience of any sort of hunter.

Luis Ramirez Noy



Software Engineer

Luis carries a full-stack skill set that is instrumental in making sure the back-end of our site is running smoothly with his creative approach. Luis enjoys working alongside every team member to examine problems from various perspectives. His goal in his work is simple: get things done in the best way possible every time.

Jillian Sanford



Digital Content Intern

As a Digital Content Intern, Jillian takes part in writing and building entertaining articles for goHUNT. She is eager to learn as much as she can as an intern while using her passion for the outdoors to be instrumental in producing quality, informative content for our goHUNT audience.

Buck Pablo Escobar Sartini



Chief Hunting Consultant

With Buck officially on the team, we can proudly say we now have the most knowledgeable hunting consultant in the industry. What sets Buck apart? He has goHUNT INSIDER to use, which gives him the edge over any other consultant – an edge shared by all INSIDER members.

Lorenzo Sartini



Founder & CEO

As Founder & CEO of goHUNT, Lorenzo owns the vision of the company and keeps everyone on track to building a great product for western hunters. He leads the team on their creative path, guiding content creation, product development and core service offerings.

Kristen Schmitt



Senior Editor

As senior editor at goHUNT, Kristen is in charge of daily news stories, longer features and editing digital content. She also writes regularly about wildlife, science, adventure and the outdoors with articles in National Geographic, USA Today's Hunt & Fish, Smithsonian, Outside Magazine, Washington Post and many others.


Ben Stoner



Head of Product

Joining the team as Head of Product, Ben's greatest passion is building powerful, easy-to-use web platforms. His mission is finding new ways to solidify as the premier digital destination for Western hunting.



Junior Software Engineer

As a Junior Software Engineer, Markus is involved in helping build our products to create the best possible experience for our customers. Markus believes his passion for new technology and love of the outdoors drives him to help out in any way to improve your hunting experience.