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What does “license type” mean in Wyoming?

What does license types mean in Wyoming for hunting

This time of year, everyone’s thoughts are on getting our applications in order. One of the biggest applications and most of everyone’s first application of the year is Wyoming elk.

What exactly does license type mean?

When researching your options for elk in Wyoming, we often hear a lot of questions in regards to what a “license type” actually means. In Wyoming, license type indicates limitations such as sex of the animal, length of the season, type of weapon or the portion of the hunt area in which the license is valid. The following table can help you understand the difference in license types.

License types in Wyoming

Type Description Fee Type
Type 1 and 2 Antlered or any Full price
Type 3 Antlered or any whitetail deer
Full price elk
Full price antelope
Full price
Type 4 and 5 Antlerless Full price
Type 6 and 7 Antlerless
(doe/fawn, cow/calf or ewe/lamb)
Reduced price
Type 8 Doe/fawn whitetail deer
Reduced price cow/calf elk
Reduced price doe/fawn antelope
Full price
Type 9 Archery only Full price
Type 0 Specialty weapon only
(excluding archery)
Full price
Type A Any Mountain Goat Full price

When it comes to elk, below are the most common license types and a short description of them.

Type 1 license

Valid for the season and weapon as indicated within the Wyoming regulations—typically a Type 1 is a rifle hunt. In addition, most Type 1 licenses will also allow hunters to purchase an over-the-counter (OTC) archery stamp and bowhunt during the entire month or a portion of September.

Type 2 license

Most often a Type 2 license varies by season or boundary. For example, Area 16 has both a Type 1 and Type 2—the first license type starts Oct. 1; the second type staring on Nov. 1. Some vary by what portion of the hunt area is valid to hunt. For example, Area 54 Type 1 is valid north of the Clarks Fork River; Type 2 is valid south of the river. It’s also important to note that some Type 2 tags allow hunters to hunt the entire hunt area with the purchase of the archery license during the archery dates.

Type 9 license

These are archery hunts that are only valid in the hunt area and during the archery dates indicated. Something to be aware of is some areas allow Type 1 license holders to hunt along with Type 9 hunters for the whole hunt—or portions of it—if they buy the archery license and want to hunt. This may add some additional pressure to those areas. So pay attention to this when applying.

Type 4 and 5

These are full priced cow/calf licenses. One thing to be aware of is that if you apply for one of these licenses as your first choice and draw it you will lose any preference points you have saved up.

Type 6 and 7

A Type 6 and Type 7 are reduced price licenses and will not use your points. In fact, you apply for those on a separate application within the state draw system. The drawing for reduced price licenses is random with no respect to points.

General licenses

Allow hunters to hunt in any general hunt area. Purchasing an archery stamp will also allow general season hunters to hunt with a bow and return to hunt during the rifle season if they have not yet filled their license.

Archery areas/seasons that can be hunted with purchase of the archery license

Hunt Areas License
1, 7-10, 12, 13, 15, 16,
19, 21-25, 2730-33, 47-49,
5556, 58, 59, 61-64, 83, 87-94, 96,
99, 100, 102-111, 114, 116-118,
120, 122, 124-128, 130
All Sept. 1-30 Valid in the entire area(s)
3 All Sept. 1-14 Valid in the entire area(s)
11, 36, 37, 67-69 All Sept. 15-30 Valid in the entire area(s)
60, 70, 71, 73, 97, 98 All Sept. 1-19 Valid in the entire area(s)
78, 80-82, 84-86 All Sept. 1-25 Valid in the entire area(s)
6 General, 6 Sept. 1-30 Valid off of National Forest
6 1, 4 Sept. 1-30 Valid in the entire area(s)
28 General, 4 Sept. 1-30 Valid in the entire area(s)
34 1 Sept. 1-30 Valid in the entire area(s)
34 6 Sept. 1-30 Valid off National Forest
35 1, 4 Sept. 15-30 Valid in the entire area(s)
35 6 Sept. 15-30 Valid off National Forest
41, 45 1, 4, 5 Sept. 15-30 Valid in the entire area(s)
95 1, 4, 5, 6 Sept. 1-30 Valid in the entire area(s)
95 2 Sept. 1-30 Any elk valid within the Green River Drainage upstream from
the outlet of Lower Green River Lake, including that
portion east and south of Mill Creek

Note: Type 9 elk licenses are valid for archery only and do not require a separate archery license.

How many elk tags can I get?

A hunter can have up to three elk licenses in a year. A hunter could apply for a full price Type 1, 2, 9 or general season limited quota and a Type 4 or 5 (cow/calf) as a second or third choice on the same initial application. They can also apply for a reduced price Type 6, 7 or 8 in the reduced price draw, which is a separate application. That reduced price cow elk application is due by May 31 for residents and January 31 for nonresidents. Since it is a separate application from the full price bull elk application, hunters will not lose points when applying for reduced price cow elk licenses. You would lose them if you apply for the Type 4 or 5 cow tags as a first choice in the full price draw.

In summary

Wyoming license types on goHUNT

You will notice that license types are called out on our INSIDER research platform on Filtering 2.0, our standalone Draw Odds page and on Unit Profiles.

Remember the Wyoming nonresident elk application deadline is Jan. 31, 2020, by 11:59 p.m. MST. Gain more insights into your Wyoming elk application strategy here.



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RUSS H. - posted 1 month ago on 01-30-2020 10:20:52 am

thank you. this is a HUGE help.

Trail K.
Trail K. - posted 1 month ago on 01-29-2020 05:12:55 pm
goHUNT Team

@ Brandon C

Yes, when you apply online you will have to select a box for the draw you want to apply for; either "full price elk" or "reduced price elk" Within each of those draws, you will get three hunt choices. Three choices for full priced elk within that full price draw and three reduced price choices within that draw. The full price options are listed above and there are full price female hunts (type 4 and 5 typically). The reduced price hunts are female species hunts, types 6 and 7. Hope that helps some.

Brandon C. - posted 1 month ago on 01-28-2020 08:55:11 pm

You mentioned that the Type 6/7 reduced price doe licenses are a separate application. Does that meant that when I apply I will put in a first/second/third choice for my full price/buck license, and then I will put in a first/second/third choice for my reduced price/doe license?

Trail K.
Trail K. - posted 2 months ago on 01-28-2020 09:13:05 am
goHUNT Team

@ Melissa S

Thanks for the feedback, specifically we get asked often if applying for and drawing a cow tag will cause you to lose your points. That is meant to address that, but we can make it more clear. For yourself and anyone else that might follow this comment, if you apply in the full priced draw for a cow elk Type 4 or 5 license and draw it as a first choice you will lose your points. If you draw any permit as a first choice in the full price draw you will lose your points, but only your first choice. You can apply for a reduced price cow tag in the reduced price drawing and it will not impact points at all. It's a seperate draw. Also, points can only be obtained by buying them in the point only period in the summer months. You are not automatically awarded a point if you apply and are unsuccessful in the full price draw. Hope that helps!

Melissa S. - posted 2 months ago on 01-28-2020 05:20:36 am

Update the last sentence before summary. You dont generate points in draw for tags it is a separate application later in fall deadline end of october.