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How to broadhead tune arrows


With hunting season right around the corner, it's time to make sure your arrows fly straight with broadheads. The video above showcases some of the steps I take to broadhead tune my arrows. Along with broadhead tuning, it's also very important to practice with your broadheads before your hunt. The broadheads that I've had phenomenal success with are the QAD Exodus broadheads.

Topics discussed:

  • Making sure your bow is dialed with broadheads
  • Testing spin/straightness of the arrow in your hand
  • Spin test arrow on a Pine Ridge Arrow Inspector device
  • Is the arrow true throughout the shaft? How to see that
  • Checking for wobble with arrow spinning against a wall
  • Flexing inconsistencies out of the point end of your arrow
  • Shoot your broadheads in
  • Nock tuning
  • Check out an article here about nock tuning

Let me know if you have any questions on my broadhead tuning methods. Best of luck this fall!

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Lawrence Z. - posted 9 months ago on 09-03-2019 05:05:44 am

Hey guys I just wanted to thank Cody for his help.
I was looking for a new pair of rangefinder binoculars. He was very helpful
I did my due diligence and liked through many different ones. It was a close call between the Zeus’s, Swarovski, and Leica.
But I chose the Leica HD B 3000.
They were the best choice for me for both gun and archery hunting.
I have ranged out to 2750 yards on a building
and 784 yds on a moose facing away from me.
I am extremely happy.
So thank you again Cody .
For your input.

L. Zawacki.