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Gear Review: Binocular harness comparison

Head-to-head look at three binocular harnesses

Comparison between the Mystery Ranch Quick Draw, Outdoor Vision Ridgetop, and Marsupial Gear binocular harnesses. Each bino harness fills a certain niche for your personal style of hunting. This video will help you decide what bino harness will work best for you. You can check out all of these products in the goHUNT Gear Shop here.

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Stefan Wilson
Stefan W. - posted 1 day ago on 10-17-2017 08:30:17 am
Gilbert, AZ


I completely appreciate where you're coming from. All of these harnesses have the option of tethering the binocular's directly to the upper straps, like the Kuiu. If you like the Kuiu harness, keep using it!

Bendrix B. - posted 1 day ago on 10-17-2017 08:05:28 am
Rochester, MA

Stefan, I can't imagine what the issues with the Kuiu harness were that would elevate one of these above it. The Kuiu has one huge advantage over them all. The bino is attached to the harness so you can't drop them, or inadvertently lay them down and lose them. Its easy to detach the binos if when its time to tripod those optics, but when not, they stay. Ingeniously, that does not require an extra strap either.

The Kuiu harness is available in camo that matches your gear, if you wear some kuiu like I do. It also works with my FirstLite gear in Fusion.

Kuiu provides a built in optics cloth for cleaning the lense, two side pockets for storage of a rain cover and whatever. I don't think you could make a lighter, lower profile harness. The low profile is a big issue for bowhunters.

The video is a nice, complete feature rundown of the harnesses carried here, but you should have stepped back from commenting on Kuiu if you're not going to provide a full review.

Stefan Wilson
Stefan W. - posted 1 week ago on 10-10-2017 10:12:28 am
Gilbert, AZ

TJ and John, Glad the video helped! I used the Kuiu Bino Harness for a long time and a few issues with made me start searching for a new one. I landed on the Outdoor Vision for myself and I am very pleased with it.

John V. - posted 1 week ago on 10-10-2017 09:52:44 am
New Mexico

Thanks, one thing I have hated every brand I have ever owned of. This gave me a couple new options to try next year.

Tj d. - posted 1 week ago on 10-09-2017 05:30:04 pm

Very good content. Ive only ever used my kuiu bino harness, this shed new light for me. Diggin these videos