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Freeze-dried food taste test: Mountain House Edition!

Mountain House taste test review

One of my all-time favorites the classic Biscuits and Gravy. Good for dinner, breakfast or the middle of the day. Photo credit: Brady Miller

Choosing the right freeze-dried meal can be tough. We decided to do a taste test on some of the most popular flavors of Mountain House meals in our goHUNT Gear Shop. Find out what the guys picked as their favorite ones and... their least favorite ones!

I can't stress the importance of testing out a freeze-dried meal before you actually consume it on a hunt. The last thing you want is something that will destroy your body the next day. Check out our video review below:


We tested the following flavors:

After watching the video, let us know your thoughts on your favorite flavors. Up next we will take the top five selling flavors of Peak Refuel and give our thoughts on them in another round of the freeze-dried taste test.

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Jacob T. - posted 5 months ago on 10-04-2019 08:18:37 am

Mountain house meals give me the shits

Joshua D. - posted 5 months ago on 10-01-2019 05:50:50 am

Beef stroganoff 10
Breakfast skillet 10
Chicken and mashed potatoes 9
Granola with blueberries 8
Chili Mac 7
Lasagna 7
Chicken and noodles 5
Chicken teriyaki 5
Beef stew 4

I don’t know any other ones I’ve had. I haven’t had biscuits and gravy yet.

Really, I’ll eat any of them because I like them all and feel filled up when I eat them.

Alex K. - posted 5 months ago on 09-30-2019 09:20:51 pm

IMO, MH meals generally taste good. I am also really getting into the peak refuel meals.

Shawn H. - posted 5 months ago on 09-30-2019 06:16:10 pm
Juneau, Alaska

The score of 1 (far-right guy) for the Chili Mac did not even take into account the flavor, etc. and he just "assumed" that it would ruin his next day of hunting without actual proof (wasn't this a taste test?). How about actually test it, wait for the next day, & then give your opinion? I am a little skewed, as most of my freeze-dried food is Mountain House. I haven't found anything that tasted better, consistently. I backpack hunt here in Alaska usually 6-7 trips a year for 2-10+ nights. This doesn't include camping, regular backpacking, & boating. I get a chance to test freeze dried food a lot. B&G is pretty darn good, but Chili Mac has good flavor & does fine the following day for me. Lasagna & Beef Stroganoff are a main staple for me. Chicken & Dumplings and Noodles & Chicken are really good, too. Also, there is a new one called Turkey Dinner Casserole that is worthy (think Thanksgiving).

Michael D. - posted 5 months ago on 09-30-2019 05:24:11 pm

Have to eat two whole bags of them for a decent meal myself

DAVE M. - posted 5 months ago on 09-30-2019 04:06:31 pm

Also MH sells the MCW packs. Try the Seafood Chowder. 610 call and 36 grams of protein

Dick W. - posted 5 months ago on 09-30-2019 04:02:20 pm

So far the ones I have tried were pretty good

DAVE M. - posted 5 months ago on 09-30-2019 04:00:00 pm

Sweet and Sour Pork with Rice is my new favorite after a recent archery elk hunt. I usually eat the 2 serving meals myself

shane e. - posted 6 months ago on 09-27-2019 03:46:30 pm
Rogers, AR

Breakfast skillet is one of my favorites with a little hot sauce. Chili Mac is good just not if your planning on hunting or traveling the next day.

Dave R. - posted 6 months ago on 09-26-2019 02:23:16 pm
Anaheim, CA

Great content.
I haven't had Mountain house in years. My favorite was spaghetti and meat sauce.

Chase M. - posted 6 months ago on 09-26-2019 08:50:28 am

b&g all the way

Ridge W. - posted 6 months ago on 09-26-2019 07:01:40 am
Mayhill, NM

mix the breakfast skillet half and half with biscuits and gravy it's just like breakfast at home

Clay H. - posted 6 months ago on 09-26-2019 05:09:45 am

Man. If you consider yourself a "mountain athlete" this shit is not consumable. You guys need me to do a DIY freeze dried and nutrition video for you?