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Wyoming mule deer get large boost


Wyoming mule deer buck
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Funding for several mule deer projects has been unanimously approved by the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission (WGFC) this month. The approved funding will be used over the next five years. It will target projects for five specific areas that include several mule deer herds and focus on initiatives to benefit mule deer populations.

As goHUNT has previously reported, Wyoming is concerned about the rapid decline in current mule deer populations and is in the second phase of a multi-year study to determine the cause behind this decrease. 

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Because of herd decline, Wyoming Game and Fish Department officials launched the Mule Deer Initiative in 2007 in order to improve habitat for mule deer within specific areas of the state. According to, other projects have emerged from the first project in an attempt to stop the population decline and work to support and grow the current herds. 

“We have heard from people all across Wyoming who are concerned about mule deer populations,” says WGFC President Charles Price. “The focus of this effort is on habitat improvement and those are long-term, generational efforts, but we know that we have to continue to make this a priority.”

WGFC plans to review and approve funding for each project individually with the $500,000 geared toward new mule deer herds, specifically the Baggs, Sheep Mountain, Upper Powder River, Owl Creek/Meeteetse, South Wind River/Sweetwater and Bates Hole/Hat Six herds.

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wynn c. - posted 4 years ago on 08-12-2015 10:04:12 am

HABITAT.....what a feel good term...As a life long resident and hunter and outfitter of wyoming....Habitat is not the PROBLEM...Come to my properties when the deer start having their fawns in the spring and watch the bear move in and eat them all in about 2 weeks time...Come follow a trapper around for a month and see the predation that occurs...I can go on with stories of predation, like the one this spring near meeker..where 2 black bear forced elk into a woven wire fence corner and killed 27 calf elk...or the one where 27 black bear were taken out because of damage to the corn in fruita, colorado...There is plenty of habitat in most of Carbon county, wyoming...that is not the problem...Read the 3bar mule study done in Arizona to see the effects of predators or come to my properties and see the predation...Habitat improvement is like insurance, it makes you feel good...but its not the limiting factor of mule deer...