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Utah couple charged with stealing hunter’s gear

Couple on trail camera stealing hunting gear

Photo credit: (Sheldon Roberts)

A prominent Park City, Utah couple was charged with stealing tree stands and a trail camera in the Wasatch Mountains. Fortunately, while they swiped most of the hunter’s gear, they didn’t spot another trail camera that was posted in another location. The duo—well-known skier Andrew McLean and his wife, Park City Assistant City Attorney Polly Samuels McLean—were caught stealing on-camera.

Unfortunately, incidents like this aren’t that uncommon.

“Trail cameras, every week we have one to six people saying my trail cameras were destroyed,” Bronko Phillips, a local hunter, told Fox13. “We have gentlemen that let us know their stands were taken or they were tampered with.”

According to Fox13, this particular hunter turned to social media for help.  

Facebook post

Photo credit: Fox 13 Salt Lake

Lance Palmer, who runs the Facebook group “Utah hunters, fishers and campers,” shared the post. The group has roughly 10,000 members and the photo spread fast, leading to the identification of the McLeans. The photos show the McLeans stealing two tree stands and a trail camera (an estimated value of $1,500) and causing over $500 in damages.

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“It’s not like they just happen to walk up on it and have a pair of bolt cutters in their back pocket,” says Palmer.

Once the couple was identified, the Unified Police Department obtained a search warrant to search their Park City home as well as their cabin in Lamb’s Canyon. Both tree stands and the trail camera were recovered, Fox13 reports.

The McLeans were arrested and face felony theft and misdemeanor charges for criminal mischief. As to why they did it? Most likely because they are anti-hunters.

“I think they feel that they’re in the right. I think they feel that hunters are bad and evil people and we’re out there just basically murdering animals and we’re not,” says Phillips. However, he adds, “Being a pillar in the community, they should be held to a higher standard.”


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Erik S. - posted 1 year ago on 02-06-2019 06:41:59 pm

Thanks for the update Matt. Very happy to hear she lost her job!

Matt S. - posted 1 year ago on 02-05-2019 03:42:44 pm
Highlands Ranch, CO
Sean B. - posted 1 year ago on 09-25-2018 11:35:20 am

Anyone have any more updates on this?

Hello G. - posted 1 year ago on 09-17-2018 03:54:51 pm
San Francisco, CA

Thanks for the update @ Jon U.

Jon U. - posted 1 year ago on 09-17-2018 02:25:40 pm

For those following along, Andrew McLean has lost his sponsorship from Black Diamond. His is apparently admitting fault. And Polly Samuels McLean is on paid administrative leave.

Brad M. - posted 1 year ago on 09-14-2018 11:08:11 am
Minneapolis, MN

I am sad to see fellow outdoor enthusiasts take this kind of action against hunting. I hope they come out and say why he did it and why they are against hunting. Perhaps this is an opportunity to get them and others to see hunting more positively, even if just slightly so. Again, I am more sad than mad.

Chris M. - posted 1 year ago on 09-14-2018 09:34:37 am
Minden Nevada

Michael G and Erick S, I apologize for my divisive, uneducated, redneck comment regarding the possibility the two suspects in this matter are suffering from PTSD (Post Trump Stress Disorder). Thanks to your comments, I now realize the gohunt article comment section is no place for humor or sarcasm, which obviously damages the reputation of sportsman. In the future, I hope to post educated, non-humorous, all inclusive comments that bring our country together regardless of political affiliation.

Chris Mahoney

Michael G. - posted 1 year ago on 09-14-2018 08:34:50 am

Hey Guys, what's with all the Trump vs. Clinton BS? The McLeans did a very stupid, selfish and illegal act. Why not focus on their immediate impact on one of our fellow sportsmen and how ultimately this act will not go unpunished and stop trying to divide our country into 2 political realms?

Erik S. - posted 1 year ago on 09-14-2018 08:08:56 am

Very well said Gil B. Those below bringing in Trump and Clinton remarks are just contributing to the stereo type of uneducated redneck hunters.

Matt A. - posted 1 year ago on 09-13-2018 07:02:38 pm
Salt Lake, Utah

@Gil B.
Great response! As a Utah resident, I too will be penning a similar respectful email.
Thank you Go Hunt.
I hope this story gains a bit more national attention...

Hello G. - posted 1 year ago on 09-13-2018 03:19:42 pm
San Francisco, CA

@Jeffrey W.

Thank you for providing contact information. I encourage those who feel this sort of behavior should not be tolerated from those who have chosen a career enforcing law. However, I also hope everyone who does choses to do so respectfully. The better we look, the better off we are as sportsmen and sportswomen. Here is the message I sent to the Attorneys Office.

To: Mark D. Harrington, City Attorney and Thomas A. Daley, Sr., Deputy City Attorney

I'm writing you about recent news regarding attorney, Polly Samuels McClean. As an avid outdoorsman I was disappointed to learn that Mrs. Samuels-McClean chose to assist her husband in committing felony theft. I'm hopeful that you and others in your office will see to it that the same justice is applied in her case as is applied to others who do not work on your team. I would suggest that she should be held to a higher standard given her chosen career field.

I'm not without empathy. As anti-hunters I assume they felt they were doing what is right. However, sportsmen and women annually provide over one billion Dollars a year to conservation efforts through both the Dingell-Johnson and Pittman-Robertson Acts . The vast amount of outdoors enthusiasts who chose to hunt do so ethically and do so under enforced restrictions that ensure the continued health and viability of species being hunted.

Thank you for any time you spent reading and considering what I've written in this email.

Marshall L. - posted 1 year ago on 09-13-2018 02:42:40 pm
Grand Junction, CO

Does felony theft get automatic disbarment for scum like this in Utah?

Jacob T. - posted 1 year ago on 09-12-2018 09:28:38 pm
Lehi, UT

Thanks Jeffrey for the contact information. I’ll let you know if they reply to me

Jeffrey W. - posted 1 year ago on 09-12-2018 06:52:41 pm
Las Vegas, NV

I wrote Black Diamond and SCARPA customer service stating I wouldn’t purchase their products knowing they supported Andrew. Both have responded saying Andrew has been released from sponsorship. I was impressed by both companies responses stating did not condone Andrew’s actions and will always support all outdoor sports.

As for Polly, I emailed the Park City lead attorneys asking why she was still employed and have yet to hear back from either. For those who wish to join in the pressure, the two names available on the Park City Attorneys website is provided below:

Mark D. Harrington, City Attorney
(435) 615-5029

Thomas A. Daley, Sr., Deputy City Attorney
(435) 615-5028

Hello G. - posted 1 year ago on 09-12-2018 01:48:07 pm
San Francisco, CA

@GoHunt This is a very BIG story. One that should be given as much light as possible. Thank you for bringing it to our attention. This said...

How can we do more to raise awareness of this story amongst Utah politicians, law enforcement and BAR Association to ensure that neither get a slap on the wrist? Both, especially Polly Samuels McClean need to be held to a very high standard. Any direction would be greatly appreciated. All of us should be reaching out to the appropriate personnel to express our displeasure with a local legal representative behaving in this way.

David A. - posted 1 year ago on 09-12-2018 07:23:21 am

Couple of low life Clinton supporters. Guaranteed no Trump supporters would've done that. Well we might have mooned the cam...

Gary H. - posted 1 year ago on 09-12-2018 05:20:57 am

I hope they go to jail and loose privileges to public lands.

Chris M. - posted 1 year ago on 09-12-2018 01:59:07 am
Minden Nevada

They are obviously suffering from Post Trump Stress Dosprder and do not have the mental capacity to commit a crime. All charges should be dismissed.

Leif F. - posted 1 year ago on 09-11-2018 08:35:22 pm
North Dakota

@JJ B. - McLean's sponsors are Black Diamond Equipment (headlamps, apparel, tents, gaiters, and packs) and SCARPA (footwear and ski boots).

You're welcome.

Jacob T. - posted 1 year ago on 09-11-2018 08:15:18 pm
Lehi, UT

What a bastard

Mike R. - posted 1 year ago on 09-11-2018 04:23:52 pm

Wonder who they vote for? Just another tolerant progressive. How independent is his wife when she try's cases? Sure a hunter would get a a fair deal in the city courts.

Kendall C. - posted 1 year ago on 09-11-2018 03:43:50 pm

I know Andrew personally through my other passion - backcountry skiing. He's semi legendary for his ski descents and skill in that realm. He's authored a book called the Chuting Gallery which is a guidebook for backcountry ski descents of chutes and other peaks in the Wasatch. He's is non-tolerant of hunters (obviously) and at their Lamb's Canyon cabin property they are part of the HOA board and have been very outspoken against hunters. I looked at a cabin property in that area a few years back and the agent told me to not mention that I was a hunter when looking at properties in the neighborhood. They live at the top of Parley's Canyon and their house can be seen from I-80. I hope he gets the book thrown at him as well as his wife, but according to the local newspaper she has not lost her job yet with the City of Park City, which could be said is quite non-hunting leaning.

JJ B. - posted 1 year ago on 09-11-2018 01:20:15 pm

Someone needs to list his sponsors so we can boycott them and let the companies know we will be doing it

Jon U. - posted 1 year ago on 09-11-2018 01:06:06 pm

You would think if Andrew McLean were truly a skilled outdoorsman he'd know how to properly engage his load lifters. What a doofus.

Terry S. - posted 1 year ago on 09-11-2018 12:37:31 pm

Let's hope they get the full extent of the law not the "she's one of us" sentence. Plus, let's hope he loses sponsorship from some of the industry he supposedly represents.

samuel c. - posted 1 year ago on 09-11-2018 12:10:38 pm

What do they do to thief's in other countries?

michael h. - posted 1 year ago on 09-11-2018 11:12:08 am
Tijeras, NM

It will be interesting to see if conservation groups go after his sponsors, he's sponsored by a lot of the same companies we use., Black Diamond and Scarpa. I hope they all drop him.

Jonathan D. - posted 1 year ago on 09-11-2018 10:55:16 am
Mesa, AZ

I imagine the Utah State Bar is going to come down hard on her. She will likely face suspension and possible disbarment.

Curt B. - posted 1 year ago on 09-11-2018 10:30:10 am

What bothers me the most about this is that his wife is an assistant attorney for the city and she's just strolling along with her husband as he commits a felony. This must be a PR nightmare for the city..realizing one of their attorneys has zero credibility. I hope the get the maximum punishment.

Erik S. - posted 1 year ago on 09-11-2018 08:38:24 am

Holy shiat that is hilarious, so glad they got caught red handed. This is beyond pathetic stealing from another outdoor enthusiast. His IG is straightchuter.

Drew M. - posted 1 year ago on 09-11-2018 08:33:27 am

Sad thing is out here in San Diego most of the stealing and destroying is done by other hunters. We have had a lot of tree stands shot up stolen etc and most of the time the trail cam pics show a guy with a gun slung over his shoulder. Mostly its just turf wars since we have terrible access and not a lot of good hunting.
Good for the hunter on getting them caught. Americas public lands are incredible and we need to find a way to keep everyone on every side unified behind them or we will lose them.

michael h. - posted 1 year ago on 09-11-2018 08:04:55 am
Tijeras, NM

Hilarious, this guy is actually a true mountain badass. I hope they take his access to public land away.