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Sept. INSIDER giveaway: 40 Browning headlamp & knife combos

September INSIDER Browning headlamp and knife giveaway last chance

Giveaway details:

September is here! That means the elk are rutting and hunting seasons are open across the West. That also means another month of INSIDER giveaways. To show our appreciation to our INSIDER members, the goHUNT team will give away even more great products in September. This month we will have 40 winners. Each winner will receive a Browning Epic 3V Headlamps and a Browning Hell's Canyon Speed 3 1/2" knife(Total value $5,000).

The Browning Epic 3V headlamp is compact in size, weighing only 3.04 oz., but puts out a lot of light! It features four small LED lights, plus an additional main white LED for easily illuminating the trail or locating your downed animal out to 100 yards. The maximum lumens is 225 and the minimum is 50. This headlamp also has a green bulb filter. Battery life will last roughly 8 hours on low.

The Browning Hell's Canyon Speed knife is one tough knife! It's the perfect knife to handle the abuse of deboning an elk or even some utility work around your hunting camp. The knife has a 3 1/2" drop point ATS-34 stainless steel blade with carbon fiber inserts and a black paracord wrap on the handle. The knife also comes with a black fitted polymer belt sheath.

Each month random names are pulled from our list of INSIDER members and we give away awesome gear items like rifles, optics, apparel and even landowner tags. All INSIDER members are automatically qualified for a chance to win one of our giveaways — no action needed.

In recent months, we have given away eight (8) Exo Mountain Gear packs (retail value $5,000), five (5) Browning X-Bolt Hell's Canyon SPEED rifles (retail value $6,350), two (2) Coues deer hunts in Mexico (retail value $13,000), four (4) landowner tags (retail value $20,000), one (1) Dall sheep hunt (retail value $22,500), and (100) Phone Skope digiscoping adapters (retail value $10,000). Check out all of our INSIDER giveaways here.

All INSIDER members are automatically entered into monthly giveaways.

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•   Must be an INSIDER member to be eligible for the drawing 
•   All current INSIDER members are automatically entered
•   Only 1 entry per person
•   Must join INSIDER by midnight (PST) on September 30, 2016 to be eligible 
•   On October 3 we will draw 40 winners and 10 alternates
•   Winners will be contacted by email or phone and will have 30 days to claim their prize
•   If winners do not respond within 30 days, we will offer the prize to an alternate

Have questions? Please feel free to email anytime.


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Brady J. Miller
Brady M. - posted 3 years ago on 10-02-2016 09:10:58 pm
Las Vegas, NV
goHUNT Team

Hi Keith. We provided links to the headlamp and knife. MSRP is $44.99 for the headlamp and the knife is $79.99. So each winner is getting $124.98 worth of a giveaway. $124.98 x 40 winners = $4,999.20

Hope that helps. p. - posted 3 years ago on 09-30-2016 05:17:47 am
Monroe, wa

There is no way in sam hell that 40 knives and a damn ligh are worth $5000!!!

Nikolas D. - posted 3 years ago on 09-16-2016 06:30:52 am
Freeport, IL

Ive got a couple RMEF knife sets too. All have been GARBAGE! You could cut butter and theyd lose their edge. I made the mistake of taking it on a hunt. Wont make that mistake again.

James S. - posted 3 years ago on 09-11-2016 10:54:54 am
Kempton, Pa.

Browning's website doesn't offer that information. However, I have two knives from RMEF made by Browning and made in China that doesn't hold an edge. The headlamp is most likely of the same quality. Just FYI.
GoHunt is a great website! I found plenty of good info on the areas in CO & MT where we hunt! Keep up the good work!

Larry D. - posted 3 years ago on 09-10-2016 08:25:26 pm

Thanks for the chance and I hope you have a Blessed Night and Better tomorrow's and GOD BLESS YOU and your families and I hope you ALL have a Unbelievable upcoming Season's and Always Remember to take Care!!

Brady J. Miller
Brady M. - posted 3 years ago on 09-09-2016 04:02:06 pm
Las Vegas, NV
goHUNT Team

Hi James. Good question. We're not exactly sure but I'm sure you could find that information out on Browning's website. Hope you have a great weekend!

James S. - posted 3 years ago on 09-09-2016 03:40:11 pm
Kempton, Pa.

Are either of these two items made in China?