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Pro hunter Larysa Switlyk under fire for legally killing wild goat

Backlash erupted mere hours after Larysa Switlyk posted several photos to social media documenting legal hunts on Islay and Ardnamurchan in Scotland. The photos showed Switlyk, host of the show “Larysa Unleashed,” with four dead stags, two wild goats and one curly-horned sheep. Thousands of comments from those outraged at Switlyk’s pictures have now resulted in a call from Scottish politicians to review the country’s hunting laws, USA Today reports.

Larysa Switlyk

Photo: @larysaunleashed Instagram

First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon tweeted:

Nicola Sturgen Twitter

Photo: @NicolaSturgeon Twitter

National Sheep Association Scotland chairman John Fyall told the Scottish Farmer, “This is a concern. I would say that it looks like a farmed sheep has been killed for sport and that is not what we keep domesticated sheep in pastoral systems for.”

According to USA Today, there are about 3,000 feral goats in the country and deer are considered an invasive, non-native species. It is legal to hunt both in Scotland and the practice is used as a management strategy. In fact, the Scottish Country Sports Tourism group says that the “chance to stalk and shoot wild goats in Islay, Dumfries and Galloway” as well as parts of the United Kingdom is worth nearly $200 million. However, Roseanna Cunningham, Scotland’s environmental secretary, said she would “review relevant laws.”

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Since posting the images, Switlyk has unsurprisingly received multiple death threats. An advocate for the relationship between hunting and conservation, she posted the following image on Instagram in response to these comments:

Larysa Switlyk

Photo: @laryaunleashed Instagram


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James F. - posted 11 months ago on 11-02-2018 12:34:43 pm

keep posting pictures for public consumption and keep have crap like this happen. Seems like a simple solution.

Gary H. - posted 11 months ago on 10-29-2018 07:39:50 am

Peter saw heaven open and something like a large sheet being let down to earth by its four corners. It contained all kinds of four-footed animals and reptiles of the earth, as well as birds of the air. Then a voice spoke to him: “Get up, Peter, kill and eat!”

Seems to me shes just following gods words. Not Nicola Sturgeon's Ideas.

Justin F. - posted 11 months ago on 10-28-2018 03:32:35 pm


Erik E. - posted 11 months ago on 10-27-2018 08:27:11 am

Hunters are constantly under fire! I don't understand WHY pictures are posted over social media all the time! If you want to share with friends in the hunting community thats great, but blasting pictures over social media is what is going to destroy hunting for us. The antiis are looking for any reason to end hunting , and this is just fuel for their cause IMO.

Tim P. - posted 11 months ago on 10-26-2018 04:06:24 pm
Weed, Calif.

Well ,everything was going along great and then one day for no apparent reason, we are offended by everything.