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Oregon teen guilty of poaching elk and deer

Oregon Elk

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Social media shares can backfire when you share something illegal. At least that’s what happened to Joseph Reid St. Pierre when he decided to post images of illegally killed elk and mule deer to Snapchat. The Oregon teenager recently pleaded guilty to many wildlife crimes, including multiple counts of poaching. He was sentenced to jail (though he may be released by the end of the month for good behavior) and lost his hunting license for life, the East Oregonian reports.

Oregon State Police was initially investigating St. Pierre for his involvement in a poached mule deer incident that occurred July 22 on Highway 395. Police used a search warrant to gain access to St. Pierre’s Snapchat account as well as St. Pierre’s two cellphones. According to the East Oregonian, St. Pierre had “multiple pictures of dead animals” as well as a video showing “multiple dead elk somewhere in a meadow like area” with “snow on the ground and a lot of blood from the elk.” Two pickup trucks – one belonging to St. Pierre and another to an unidentified man – were shown in the video; the unidentified pickup truck was filled with most of the poached elk. After questioning St. Pierre, his friends, and his girlfriend, police were also able to recover a mule deer buck’s head in a shed behind a house on the Umatilla Indian Reservation.

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St. Pierre was arrested on Jan. 6 and charged with seven different wildlife crimes, including multiple counts of poaching. While he did take plea deals, St. Pierre was still ordered to serve jail time, beginning June 10, and sentenced to five years probation and $2,300 in fines. According to the East Oregonian, he also lost his hunting privileges for life.

Do you think he received enough punishment for his crimes?


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Sean M. - posted 10 months ago on 06-19-2018 03:10:06 pm

First - Not enough restitution
Second - States nationwide should share this info so he and others like him lose their privilege in all 50 states
Third - Increase the jail time

JD C. - posted 11 months ago on 06-18-2018 11:23:05 am

The loss of hunting privileges for life seems right. But the $2300 seems light when you consider the value of the animals and the cost of hunting legally and properly. I would have thought something like $10-25,000 more appropriate. If he is a teenager it raises the question of whether there are others involved, which there apparently are. So we may not have heard the end of this story....

Dorance F. - posted 11 months ago on 06-18-2018 10:46:29 am
Windsor, CT

NO... In 2010 I went on an Elk Hunt in Colorado. That hunt cost me a little over $8,000.00. While I had a GREAT time arriving in Denver on Thursday, renting an SUV and driving to Grand Junction to stay at a Motel that night and continuing on to Camp the next day. Once there sighting in my rifle for opening day on Saturday with the other Hunters in camp. We had a fantastic meal that night and went to bed early in prep for the next day. Beautiful November day clear and cold, hunted hard with my guide doing a great job, didn't see any Elk but did see Mule deer that day. Got back to camp well after dark to another great meal along with a few drinks. Went to bed early again only to be woke up the our host early the next morning with the news that we had to get out (the camp was at 9500') while we could (SNOW) and lots of it was coming in, in fact it had already started. The Drive back to Grand Junction that day took several hours instead of the (3) hours it took me to drive in. My actual hunt was 1 day. I had saved for several years for that hunt I was 68 years old then and will never have that opportunity again.
So to have someone like Joseph Reid St. Pierre poach all that game (five years and a $2,300.00) is not enough in the way of punishment. It's understood and deserved that he looses is right to hunt for life, it's still not enough.......

Greg F. - posted 11 months ago on 06-18-2018 08:27:46 am
Redwood City, CA

Vance said it perfectly...The loss of hunting privileges means he will just be more secretive and careful...They should take 20% of his earned salary over 20 years as restitution...$2300 is nothing...

Vance W. - posted 11 months ago on 06-15-2018 01:12:10 pm
Anthem AZ

Taking is Legal hunting privileges seems like a slap on the wrist since he and some of his friends seem to not really use their legal hunting access anyway.

Nick J. - posted 11 months ago on 06-14-2018 11:51:04 am

$2300 doesn't replace the value of the lost animals. It doesn't come close to covering the cost of the investigation, or court cost. So, AGAIN we get screwed. Our licenses and taxes on goods pay for DWR, pay for habitat, pay to raise animals. WE LOST THE ANIMALS, and now WE can replace the loss to the DWR in investigative costs. Why are we as sportsmen not made whole?

Gary H. - posted 11 months ago on 06-14-2018 04:57:12 am

Glad to see they took his hunting license for life.