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October INSIDER giveaway: 10 Suunto Traverse Alpha watches

October INSIDER Suunto Traverse Alpha watch giveaway last chance

Giveaway details:

Hopefully by now you've had a chance to go on a few hunts. With October here, we have another month of INSIDER giveaways. To show our appreciation to our INSIDER members, the goHUNT team will give away even more great products in October. This month we will have 10 winners. Each winner will receive a Suunto Traverse Alpha watch in foliage(Total value $5,690).

You may be asking... what makes this watch so special? Well, this isn't an ordinary watch. Imagine being able to cut weight in your pack because your watch gives you elevation, barometric pressure and GPS/GLONASS navigation. Weather prediction is an essential element on a backcountry hunt and this watch has features to go the distance. Not only that, but the Suunto Traverse Alpha watch also has dedicated functions for hunting, fishing and hiking. 


This is a do-it-all watch! You'll also have access to a moon phase calendar and a handy shot detection function. This feature will place a waypoint when you make a shot so you can easily return to the location of the shot to re-evaluate the situation in case you move around after the shot to look for your animal. You'll even be able to track your progress while hiking throughout the day using the built in GPS function.

These are all reasons that a Suunto Traverse Alpha watch needs to be on your wrist during a hunt this fall.

Each month random names are pulled from our list of INSIDER members and we give away awesome gear items like rifles, optics, apparel and even landowner tags. All INSIDER members are automatically qualified for a chance to win one of our giveaways — no action needed.

In recent months, we have given away eight (8) Exo Mountain Gear packs (retail value $5,000), five (5) Browning X-Bolt Hell's Canyon SPEED rifles (retail value $6,350), two (2) Coues deer hunts in Mexico (retail value $13,000), four (4) landowner tags (retail value $20,000), one (1) Dall sheep hunt (retail value $22,500), and (100) Phone Skope digiscoping adapters (retail value $10,000). Check out all of our INSIDER giveaways here.

All INSIDER members are automatically entered into monthly giveaways.

Learn more about INSIDER here


•   Must be an INSIDER member to be eligible for the drawing 
•   All current INSIDER members are automatically entered
•   Only 1 entry per person
•   Must join INSIDER by midnight (PST) on October 31, 2016 to be eligible 
•   On November 1 we will draw 10 winners and 5 alternates
•   Winners will be contacted by email or phone and will have 30 days to claim their prize
•   If winners do not respond within 30 days, we will offer the prize to an alternate

Have questions? Please feel free to email anytime.


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Brady J. Miller
Brady M. - posted 3 years ago on 11-02-2016 01:05:52 pm
Las Vegas, NV
goHUNT Team

Hi Michael D. - you can see all the winners of the giveaway on the article we posted yesterday. Also, we have emailed all the winners already. Here is the link: Hope you have a great day and thanks for the support.

Michael D. - posted 3 years ago on 11-02-2016 07:02:52 am
electric city Washington

I can't see if I won

John L. - posted 3 years ago on 10-31-2016 07:56:26 pm

I'd sooo sport this

matthew T. - posted 3 years ago on 10-21-2016 11:43:54 am

Sweet watch! Could really use one!

Burton J. - posted 3 years ago on 10-10-2016 07:04:23 am

Greatest resource ever and staff is exceptional

James K. - posted 3 years ago on 10-09-2016 11:32:46 am

Awesome giveaway! I would love one of these and have been wanting to buy one for my fall hunts but just cant afford it with all other hunts expenses involved. I would love to win one! Thanks for the opportunity as a memeber to win one!

Shawn McDonald_10209304566283135
Shawn M. - posted 3 years ago on 10-08-2016 10:24:21 pm


GARY S. - posted 3 years ago on 10-06-2016 07:52:29 pm

i sure hope to win one of these , i could really use one ........

Carl S. - posted 3 years ago on 10-06-2016 04:18:05 pm

Suunto are great watches I also Scuba Dive with them

Jim U. - posted 3 years ago on 10-06-2016 02:22:48 pm

Trick or Treat. Any of these prizes would be great.

Marcus W. - posted 3 years ago on 10-06-2016 08:29:56 am
Erie, CO

Interesting device, what's the battery life like and can you charge it by USB?

Sean P. - posted 3 years ago on 10-06-2016 08:33:29 am
Anthem, AZ.

Great giveaway! I was just looking to buy one. I will keep my fingers crossed and wait until the end of the month. Thanks for the opportunity!

Todd O. - posted 3 years ago on 10-06-2016 05:49:00 am
Greenacres, WA

Nice!!! Looking forward to the end of October. Great opportunity!

Thank you!

Rajee Pandi_10208576562550697
Rajee P. - posted 3 years ago on 10-05-2016 11:25:45 pm

Thank you so much for the chance