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Moose poached near Jarbidge, Nevada


Nevada Moose
Photo credit: Dreamstime

Nevada wants your help: someone poached a moose and left the body behind, taking only the head, near Jarbidge, Nevada. The animal was discovered on Christmas close to hunt Units 072 and 075, “near the intersection of O’Neil Basin Road and the access road to Sun Creek,” the Reno Gazette Journal reports. The state does not have a moose hunting season and with only 25 to 40 moose within the state, many are angry that someone decided to kill one illegally.

“It’s amazing to see the reaction of people when they see a moose for the first time,” Nevada Division of Wildlife (NDOW) Warden Fred Esparza told the Reno Gazette Journal. “It’s really unfortunate that these poachers just took that special opportunity away from the rest of us.”

Esparza says that he hopes that someone will come forward with a tip that will help investigators nab the culprit behind this unnecessary act. Over the past few months, biologists have been tracking moose movement and determined that their range appears to be expanding across the state. Residents have been reporting moose sightings to help monitor the number and range of these majestic ungulates within Nevada.

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“I think a lot of people are kind of proud of the moose,” says Esparza. “People want to be aware this is happening and they want to try and help out.”

There is a $1,000 reward for information that leads to a conviction. If you have a tip, please contact NDOW at 800-992-3030.

“The moose was killed sometime in middle to late December in a very visible area,” says Esparza. “It’s very possible someone might have seen something that could be helpful in catching the individuals responsible. Even if you just saw a vehicle parked in that area or a hunter on an ATV or UTV, we would like that information.”


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SETH D. - posted 1 year ago on 01-16-2018 09:41:24 pm
Big Wonderful Wyoming

Are moose even a game animal in Nevada?

Here in Germany about 10 years ago a guy killed a grizzly bear that wandered over the Alps from Switzerland. The German government had not updated the game species list, and bears were still on the list of huntable game species. We don't have tags, or drawings just a hunting license. So the bear was legal to be shot. Of course the German government made sure that they updated things so it didn't happen again. When wolves started showing up from Poland, they were quicker to react. They placed protection on wolves before one was shot.

Gary H. - posted 1 year ago on 01-11-2018 10:14:43 am

Up the reward to $10,000 and make the poacher pay for it when he gets convicted in a court of law.
I bet you someone comes forward for $10,000 a lot faster that someone for $1000.