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KUIU changing camo patterns?


KUIU's new Verde 2.0 camouflage pattern
KUIU's new Verde 2.0 camouflage pattern.

Last week I was reading some mainstream articles that KUIU was featured in and I started to notice a few photos of what looked to be a new camouflage pattern that the owner, Jason Hairston was wearing. Then a few days later I noticed more subtle hints on social media. It wasn’t until a few days ago when I got a message from another team member on goHUNT asking if I had seen the new camouflage pattern. The light bulb clicked on... I wasn't just seeing things.

So, being who I am, I dropped pretty much everything I was doing and started to dig even further into KUIU’s website to see if I could figure out more information on this new camouflage pattern. 

It took a little bit of digging, but sure enough, KUIU is releasing a new pattern called Verde 2.0

KUIU camo patterns Verde, Verde 2.0 and Vias

This pattern looks to be a slight combination of Vias and the original Verde. You will notice that the digital pattern has went away in Verde 2.0. All of the harsh digital square corners that were present in Verde have been rounded off. There are only a few items (shorts, packs, gloves) that as of July 20 have the new Verde 2.0 as an option on KUIU's website. After some digging I found a photo of the older Verde Tiburon shorts to compare with the new Verde 2.0. Some big, yet exciting differences are present in the new pattern.

Continued below.

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Are digital camo pattens less effective for hunting? I have read several articles about the ineffectiveness of digital camo patterns at further distances. Tight patterns tend to look like black blobs the futher you are away. The army tries to conceal themselves against the human eye and hunters are concealing against animals, so this might not be the best comparison, but recently in 2015 the army went away from digital camo patterns due to it standing out in most environments (besides a gravel pit) and now uses the Operational Camouflage Pattern that has more rounded corners.

KUIU Verde compared to Verde 2.0

It also looks like Verde 2.0 went with more darker tones and they also lightened up the background slightly.

Verde 2.0 in KUIU shopping cart

Verde 2.0 is already available on KUIU's website on a select number of items. You will see it has replaced the original Verde.

Facebook comment about KUIU Verde 2.0

In a conversation I found on Facebook last night, it looks like there will be only two camouflage patterns offered by KUIU, Verde 2.0 and Vias. The new Verde 2.0 will slowly replace the original Verde line. So if you like the look of the older pattern, you better stock up now or your camo patterns will no longer match.

It will be interesting to hear more about Verde 2.0 and see some photos of the pattern in the field under different environments. But it is safe to say that this looks to be another homerun from KUIU. I've always been a fan of Vias, but this new pattern looks to be a great crossover pattern that might even be more versatile than the original Verde. Stay tuned for more updates.


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Adam H. - posted 3 years ago on 08-25-2016 01:51:41 pm

I am a huge KUIU fan and run Vias because it has better long range Macro silhouette break-up. With that said I'm still not sure if this pattern is the best for deer. Studies show that deer are green and red color blind and see grays as bright blues in low light conditions. What's in Vias? Grays. Again these are studies so no one actually knows but I find it interesting. Green is basically Irrelevant in Camo patterns as they say deer see it as tans.

Kevin B. - posted 3 years ago on 07-21-2016 01:58:12 pm
Oceanside, CA

I too am a fan of the Kuiu line. I have a little of both original patterns, and see the new Verde 2.0 as a transition camouflage pattern between the original patterns (as pointed out already). With that being said, I see great prospects in having Kuiu keep all 3 patterns. My concern is that if they focus solely on the transitional area of timber line and above, they will lose a segment of their consumers in no time.

The other point is that the Army selected the multi-cam pattern because they have been searching for a universal camo pattern, and have thus far struck out (blending into floral couches and gravel pits does not equal successful camo). The Marine Corps has ran with 2 digital patterns for the past 14 years now; they recognized that a universal pattern is not realistic at this time. Surely the DARPA programs will be able to have photo cells on uniforms that will make US military members "invisible" in the future. In the mean time, it is whatever works best to the current conditions you face, and whatever you can afford...Be interesting how the photo cells will deal with outline...

Joey R. - posted 3 years ago on 07-21-2016 05:27:58 am

Jason I love what you have done. Been a huge fan since day one and I have parted with thousands of $ to date. Having said that, not all of us are "Alaska Sheep Hunters" It would be nice to keep some of the "Verde" for Western Hunters. Looking at numbers it very apparent that you are taking a large chunk from your former company Sitka. I'm sorry buddy but this looks like something Sitka would put out. kind of a knock off...Just my opinion. The originality of the current line is what drew me to it. Bottom line, keep up the good work. Please consider keeping Verde as choice 3

Stefan Wilson
Stefan W. - posted 3 years ago on 07-20-2016 12:11:54 pm
Gilbert, AZ

Here!! Take my money!!

Charles G. - posted 3 years ago on 07-20-2016 11:23:36 am
Little Rock, AR

Verde 2.0.... Can you say optifade?