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Idaho creates safe winter haven for elk, deer, moose


Idaho road closures
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Winter can be a cruel time for wildlife: food is scarce, temperatures drop and snowpack is deep. Fortunately, deer, elk and moose that live within eastern Idaho now have a safe haven to spend the harsh winter months. The Egin-Hamer Area Closure (EHAC), which is located between St. Anthony and Dubois, provides about 500 square miles of safety for deer, elk and moose. The restricted area helps animals get through the winter without extra pressure from humans.

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The closure is a collaboration between the Bureau of Land Management, the Idaho Department of Fish and Game Department (IDFG) and the Idaho Department of Lands (IDL). The groups agreed to the EHAC in exchange for keeping the Egin-Hamer Road open for winter travel, the Idaho Press Tribune reports. Both IDFG and IDL will participate in management of the EHAC. While closed to the public, the area is open to private land owners and the area around the St. Anthony Sand Dunes remains open. According to the Idaho Press Tribune, while “air space over the closure is not restricted,” officials ask that pilots not harass animals from the air; officials will also be placing special emphasis “on preventing vehicles from accessing” Red Road within the EHAC.

The EHAC will be in effect Jan. 1 through the end of March south of the Egin-Hamer Road and through April 30 north of it, the Idaho Press Tribune reports. For a complete map and other information, click here.


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Brad S. - posted 2 years ago on 01-12-2018 11:24:48 pm
Rexburg, Idaho

Checking further I found that the Environmental Impact Statement required for this closure was prepared and published originally in 1987. The actual closures began shortly thereafter.

Brad S. - posted 2 years ago on 01-12-2018 11:10:32 pm
Rexburg, Idaho

We have lived within about 10 miles of this area since 1991 and to my knowledge it has been closed at least that many years from July through April to protect the wintering wildlife. Only trespassers and poachers in the area break that closure. The rest of us love wildlife enough to stay out of this vital wintering grounds during the closure. There are probably other important wintering grounds around Idaho which should be considered for winter closure as well.

Dan D. - posted 2 years ago on 01-12-2018 06:15:39 pm

Another closure they wont and cant enforce