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Grand Teton moves forward with mountain goat removal

Grand Teton moves forward with mountain goat removal

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The National Park Service will begin lethally removing non-native mountain goats from Grand Teton National Park. Earlier this week, the service announced that it has signed a Finding of No Significant Impact for the Mountain Goat Management Plan/Environmental Assessment at Grand Teton.

You can download and view the PDF file here.

Signing this document allows the park to “rapidly remove non-native mountain goats” through both lethal and non-lethal methods like live capture and translocation, according to a press release. It modifies the previous alternative that utilized “qualified volunteers” and ensured the meat was donated. Officials say that they plan to integrate volunteers into the management plan via a different program that is based upon the requirements outlined in the John D. Dingell, Jr. Conservation, Management and Recreation Act.

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Right now, there are about 100 mountain goats living in Grand Teton, most likely descended from a herd outside the park. Because of the current number of animals, park officials believe that they can remove the non-native herd completely. If allowed to grow in size, “complete removal in the near future may become unattainable after a period of about three years,” according to a press release

The revised plan will help conserve park resources from the “rapidly growing non-native mountain goat population” and sustain key habitat for the 100 Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep that live there. It is essential to keep the Teton Range bighorn sheep herd healthy as it is one of the smallest, most isolated herds in Wyoming and, according to a press release, “is of high conservation value to the park, adjacent land and wildlife managers, and visitors.”

Lethal and non-lethal removal will start this winter. 


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Sam E. - posted 7 months ago on 10-24-2019 03:51:38 pm
Minot, ND

Just so everyone is clear. This is not hunting. This is lethal removal. Two totally different things. Take your argument to NPS Tina and Bonnie.

Thomas R. - posted 7 months ago on 10-24-2019 05:05:05 am

Tina, Bonnie,
If you do not care for hunting, stay off sites such as “” and similarly named. Troll elsewhere.

TINA P. - posted 7 months ago on 10-23-2019 08:04:25 pm

Seth your comments make no sense to me. You say hunters give wildlife value? How can you say you give it value yet you kill and remove it from the earth? Then you proceed to go on and state how other than National Parks and refuges in Africa wildlife doesnt exist? Maybe because unless its protected from killers like you wildlife doesnt have a chance because your kind are constantly removing them. Hunting is not in your DNA or all men would be hunters. Leave animals alone and let them live their lives. What you do is a disgrace!

Seth D. - posted 7 months ago on 10-23-2019 08:41:42 am
Public Lands


90% all North American conservation dollars is generated by Hunters and Fishermen. Secondary expenses by hunters bring incredible financial incentives to rural communities that would not normally be available. Through the sale of; hotel rooms, gasoline, meals in diners, groceries and outdoor equipment sales.

Hunting is in our DNA, we have forward facing eyes, and big brains for a reason. Hunting rejuvenates us, it gives us balance in our 9-5 lives of shopping malls, daycare drop offs, and paying off worthless college educations.

It is our role as hunters that puts value on wildlife and ensures that wildlife will have a place in the future. Have you ever been to Africa? Wildlife doesn't exist in most of Africa outside of the national parks, national refuge systems and game preserves. Because to an African starving on $10 per month, wildlife is nyama. Nyama is common African word in many different African languages that means meat. Even in places like Tanzania where wildlife has no value beyond meat, there isn't any wildlife.

Would you rather have an entire North American continent of shopping malls and cattle feed lots? That is what you will have if wildlife has no value.

Bonnie B. - posted 7 months ago on 10-23-2019 08:01:16 am

Don't people have anything better to do than Hunt Animals why is Killing an Animal always supposed to be the answer to the Solution