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Government ordered to review grizzly bear protections

Government ordered to review grizzly bear protections

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The federal government has announced plans to review current grizzly bear protections within the contiguous U.S. The decision follows a recent lawsuit filed by the Center for Biological Diversity (CBD) aimed at trying “to restore the fearsome animals to more areas,” The Ledger reports. The review, which was ordered by U.S. District Judge Dana Christensen, must be completed by March 31, 2021.

As goHUNT previously reported, Christensen was the one to make the landmark ruling that restored federal protections to Yellowstone grizzly bears in 2018. He made this decision after determining that the federal government hadn’t used the best available science when it decided to remove the bears from the threatened species list in 2017. 

Currently, about 1,900 grizzlies inhabit Wyoming, Montana, Idaho and Washington.

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In June, CBD filed a lawsuit in an effort to push federal officials to restore grizzly bears to sections of California, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Nevada and Oregon.

“There are a lot of places where grizzly bears used to live where we believe they could currently live,” said CBD’s attorney Andrea Santarsiere.

While the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service has agreed to review grizzly bear protections, which could hypothetically result in new restoration plans, former coordinator of the government’s grizzly bear recovery program Chris Servheen said that “in his opinion that the review would distract from efforts already underway to bolster struggling populations of grizzlies in areas like the North Cascades of Washington state and the Bitterroot region of Montana and Idaho.” 

“It just doesn’t make sense to look for new places for bears when we don’t have enough money to deal with the existing areas we have,” said Servheen.

Further, FWS’s agreement to review the current protections doesn’t resolve the June lawsuit because that also “seeks an update to the government’s recovery plan for grizzlies,” according to The Ledger.

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Michael M. - posted 3 months ago on 12-28-2019 10:10:02 pm
Missoula MT

Mike M
Missoula MT

The grizzlies are creating a big problem here in Montana now. One area I use to hunt 4 hunter got cued up this last season. The Grizzlies should be moved to California. Into all mountain areas. Starting in the mountains from San Diego area going north of the state line. The High Ser. would be a great place with lots or room to grow.

They keep dumping the Grizzlies in the bitterroot, but they don't make it their. I am sure that California would be great place for the Grizzlies Bears. They don't want anybody to hunt there. That way no bears would get shot there.

Kevin H. - posted 3 months ago on 12-24-2019 11:00:14 am
Springfield, OR

CBD is just a lobbying group with aims to curtail hunting in any and all means possible, currently using the court systems and Finding sympathetic district judges to advance the purposes. This happened time and time again. They couldn't give a rats ass about logic or science, all the have as their agenda, which along with the Sierra Club and other such groups, is to eliminate hunting by any means possible. Which includes introducing apex predators to reduce deer and elk populations, to drop tag numbers, to drop hundred interest, to eliminate hunting. What happened moose in the Yellowstone area, elk and moose in the Idaho Panhandle area. Their ( eco-interest) ddisease is spreading

Christopher B. - posted 3 months ago on 12-24-2019 08:23:02 am

eco-terrorism also distracting from the real problem... managing the grizzly populations we already have.

Terry S. - posted 3 months ago on 12-24-2019 06:55:01 am

Under this logic, shall we reduce human population in America down to say 3-5 million also?

Brett H. - posted 3 months ago on 12-24-2019 05:45:20 am

Who funds these conservation efforts?

Bendrix B. - posted 3 months ago on 12-19-2019 06:57:18 pm
Rochester, MA

San Fransisco and Boston... I’d like to see them in Harvard Square.

Kyle M. - posted 3 months ago on 12-18-2019 06:36:11 am
Battlefield, MO

Gary H. I am with you there!

Gary H. - posted 3 months ago on 12-18-2019 05:42:31 am

I vote for New York City, Atlanta, and Washington D.C.

Drop about 50 Grizzly in each of those areas and DON'T allow anyone to shoot them.

Jay M. - posted 3 months ago on 12-17-2019 07:19:43 pm

How bout Cali, isn't that on their flag? Maybe they can enjoy the majesty of taking their kids for a walk in the woods knowing that these wonderful animals are walking with them...