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5 people just won a full set of First Lite clothing


First Lite hunting clothing giveaway winners
Photo credit: First Lite

Full set of head-to-toe First Lite clothing winners announced

In March, our INSIDER members had the chance to win one of five head-to-toe sets of First Lite clothing in their new for 2017 Cipher pattern. (Total value $5,490).

Congratulations to the five winners of this month's INSIDER giveaway! You will receive an email from us shortly. We hope you'll enjoy your complete set of First Lite!

First Lite clothing winners

Name City & State
Jared Y. Bakersfield, CA
Russell F. Luverne, MN
Eric C. Bessemer, AL
Jacob G. Elkton, SD
Robert B. Scotts Mills, OR

Every month all of our INSIDER members are automatically entered into the drawings, and a lucky handful are then randomly chosen to get top-of-the-line optics and apparel, rifles and even landowner tags.

If you missed the chance to be entered into the March drawing — don't worry. We give away great prizes each month, and as an INSIDER member you're automatically entered for a chance to win these cool prizes every month.

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Jacob G. - posted 2 weeks ago on 04-03-2017 03:18:45 pm
South Dakota

Holy crap! I never win anything, what a surprise.....Thanks a lot GoHunt!

Russell F. - posted 2 weeks ago on 04-03-2017 06:04:16 pm

Thank you to GoHunt for the amazing surprise. Great timing for my first elk hunt next year as well!

Justin S. - posted 2 weeks ago on 04-03-2017 06:38:42 pm

Very Cool! Congrats to the winners! I have a little of the new cipher and it is something to get excited about.

Donald T. - posted 2 weeks ago on 04-04-2017 04:10:26 am

Congratulations to the winners

Siegfried K. - posted 2 weeks ago on 04-04-2017 05:25:16 am
Brownsville, TN 38012

I am one of those guys that never win anything-Thanks GoHunt

Geezer B. - posted 2 weeks ago on 04-04-2017 05:33:06 am

Congrats to all of the winners. What a great prize.

Jared Yeargan_10100972712887681
Jared Y. - posted 2 weeks ago on 04-04-2017 07:05:55 am

This is awesome! Cant believe I won. Ive been shopping and researching for a new hunting getup and First Lite and their Cipher pattern are the perfect high dessert pattern I need. Thank you goHunt and First Lite!!

Nick Hill_10206350420254059
Nicholas H. - posted 2 weeks ago on 04-04-2017 07:13:43 am


Richard A. - posted 2 weeks ago on 04-04-2017 08:16:01 am

WISH I could wear that cool looking outfit.congrats to all you guys and good luck out in the field

Russell W. - posted 2 weeks ago on 04-04-2017 10:44:31 am
Highlands Ranch, CO

@Russell F. - I nearly freaked out when I saw your name (thinking it was mine). I'm glad another Russell got in the winner's column! Congrats and best of luck on the upcoming elk hunt!

Joe P. - posted 2 weeks ago on 04-04-2017 08:30:51 pm

Bad ass. I do use GoHunt for a bunch of information, but let's face it... they raffle off the best stuff!

Matt P. - posted 1 week ago on 04-11-2017 10:02:34 am
Bakersfield ,Ca

Congrats guys.