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California wolves retain protections

Gray Wolf

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California wolves will retain protections following a ruling last week. A California judge upheld protections for the animals under the California Endangered Species Act after ranchers and farmers contested the original ruling in 2014.

According to the Associated Press (the AP), the lawsuit, which was filed by the California Farm Bureau Federation and the California Cattlemen’s Association, “argued the listing was arbitrary because there are so few wolves in the state.”

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Jim Houston, who serves as the farm bureau’s manager of legal and governmental affairs, told the AP that the groups filed the suit in order “to give ranchers ‘more flexibility in co-existing with wolves’.” He said in a statement that the group will work with the state “to reduce ‘the burdens of raising livestock in areas with wolves, but we do not expect it to be easy.’”

Even with pushback from hunting and livestock groups within the state, the California Fish and Game Commission decided to apply protections to gray wolves, making it illegal to kill or hunt them within the state.


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Dave G. - posted 7 months ago on 02-05-2019 03:51:25 pm
Sacramento, CA

I also am a CA resident and the mountain lion law was the most absurd thing I have ever seen. Legislating feelings. My take on this is that as hunters and anglers we have to align ourselves with larger conservation/lobbying groups. Think BHA, SCI, NRA, RMEF, MDF. These groups have weight and lawyers. If every outdoorsperson in CA was a member of BHA you can bet the lobbying resources would be allocated to the largest membership. Same for all of these groups. Can you imagine if the NRA had 20 or 30 million members?

Erik E. - posted 7 months ago on 02-05-2019 12:56:16 pm

I agree 100% with you!! Liberal politicians & liberal thinking has destroyed California, and it is beyond repair!!

Daniel E. - posted 7 months ago on 02-05-2019 12:18:14 pm

@Drew M - I wish you were wrong about this but you're not.

Drew M. - posted 7 months ago on 02-05-2019 09:26:08 am

As a CA resident this isn't shocking at all. The real shock would be if they didn't do this. Take note western states this is what happens when you lose control of your wildlife agencies and let them be run by non hunters. Vote! Vote! Vote! California is already so far gone that it will never come back hunters and anglers are the enemy in CA and there is no sugar coating it.