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Big game gets a boost in California

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Big game just got a major boost in California. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) just awarded $1.1 million for 15 projects aimed at helping big game populations and improving their habitats. The money is allocated through the Big Game Grant Program (BGGP), which funnels dollars into these projects when hunters purchase tags for sheep, bear, deer, pronghorn antelope and wild pig.

“This year we are funding some exceptional studies that will broaden our knowledge and understanding of the unique needs of elk and sheep,” says Craig Stowers, CDFW’s Big Game Program Manager. “Other projects will help restore crucial habitat for deer and other wildlife, and provide water sources necessary for their survival. All of these proposals have been identified as an appropriate use of hunter dollars. Their funding goes directly to benefit and sustain the wildlife populations they hunt.”

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The approved projects range from the studying disease in desert bighorn sheep to understanding elk populations to water and forestry management to improve current habitats. A complete list of funded projects can be found here

 “The BGGP shows the importance and value of hunters and the dollars their licenses and tags provide for wildlife management and conservation,” says Kyle Meintzer, a board member of the Wild Sheep Foundation.

Since its inception in 2010, the BGGP has awarded more than $5 million to projects like these. Hunting dollars really do make a difference.


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Javier G. - posted 3 years ago on 07-14-2016 06:02:47 pm
Castaic, California

It's great to see hard earned hunter's dollars go to work on projects that will benefit the regular hunter! Maybe one day California Fish and Game will start managing our resources better and provide quality hunting opportunities for future generations! A step in the right direction....

william R. - posted 3 years ago on 07-14-2016 10:39:04 am

Yay!!!! maybe ill get to go elk hunting in my own state one day