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4 Weeks 4 Tags Week 2 Winner

4W4T Landowner Tag Week Two Winner

Big congratulations to Don D. from Milpitas, California who is our 4 Weeks 4 Tags week 2 winner. He won a New Mexico Unit 10 bull elk tag valid for the 2015 season.

The three alternates are:

  • Michael K. from Calgary, AB    
  • David G. from Reno, NV    
  • Scott  R. from Cedar City, UT    

For those who haven't heard, we are giving away one landowner tag every week in July to our INSIDER members.  All you have to do is join INSIDER to be entered in the tag giveaway. Read all the details of the giveaway here.

Check back tomorrow when we release the Week 3 giveaway. There are still two weeks of tag giveaways left... sign up for INSIDER for a chance to win.

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Chris P.
Chris P. - posted 4 years ago on 07-20-2015 05:32:28 pm
Las Vegas, Nevada
goHUNT Team

David, great to know, thanks. FYI, we contacted Don and he is checking his schedule to see if he can use it or not. Will know more later this week.

David G. - posted 4 years ago on 07-20-2015 02:26:11 pm
Reno, NV

Well, if Don can't make the trip I sure can. Thanks gohunt!