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News roundup: August 11-15

The most important news items from the week of August 11th…

Utah buck outlook is promising


Photo Credit: Getty Images

Good news for hunters with Utah tags this fall. The number of bucks in Utah is either the same as or better than it was last season. See the breakdown by regions across the state. 

Colorado hunting license system crashes


Photo Credit: Getty Images

Colorado Parks and Wildlife apologized to thousands of users of their online license system who were frustrated by a 3-hour outage on “Opportunity Day” earlier this month. Idaho had a similar problem the following day; the same tech company (Active Networks) has taken responsibility for the crash and will be compensating impacted hunters. Read the full story here.

Hunters are not causing Canada’s sheep to shrink


Photo Credit: Getty Images

Despite what some thought, trophy hunters are not creating an evolutionary response in the bighorn of Alberta and British Columbia, according to a new study. See details of the findings


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