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Just added - New public/private land filtering tool

New public/private land filter on goHUNT INSIDER

The great part about INSIDER is that we are constantly evolving and adding new features. We are excited to announce the addition of a new enhancement to Filtering 2.0. You can now filter and sort units by the percentage of public/private land. We’ve always listed the percent of private land on individual unit profiles, but this new step makes finding and researching hunting opportunities even easier.

This new filter is a huge benefit for researching units. Especially when you’re looking to find that perfect over-the-counter spot or you’re trying to decide how to use your precious bonus or preference points.

Here’s how to use this new feature

Step 1

Once logged into INSIDER, go to Filtering 2.0 and select a state and species.

Filtering hunting units by public land percentage

The real power of this new filter is found on the right hand side toolbar after Trophy Potential, Draw Odds, and Seasons. You’ll also notice the percentage of public land is now listed to the right of “Trophy Potential” and “M:F Ratio” in the results section.

Step 2

Adjust the slider and you’ll see the filter go to work and eliminate units with higher amounts of private land.

Public land filtering results

Putting Filtering 2.0 to work with the Public Land percentage addition

The new Public Land filter works with every state, species and unit.

There are plenty of ways to use the filters on Filtering 2.0. This new Public Land filter is a game changer. If you just want to filter all of the units in the state by Public Land, you can scroll down to the Public Land filter and move the percentage up and down. Or if you really want to hone in on a few units, you could go with this in-depth method below.

Video example of Public/Private Land Filter for Colorado OTC elk

  • Start out by selecting a state and species.
    • Colorado -> Elk = 183 results
  • Choose your season in the Select Season section
    • 2nd and 3rd OTC rifle season = 148 results
  • Then in the Harvest Success filter, move the slider to a desired percentage.
    • In this case I’ll use 20%+ = 35 results
  • Then in the Public Land filter, move the slider to a desired percentage.
    • I’ll use 60% = 7 results
  • Lastly, don’t forget about the Sort option. Click the box that says Default, and then select “Public Land %.” This will now sort your results from the highest amount of public land to the lowest.
    • You can jump directly to the search results here.

In summary, we now took a giant state like Colorado and with five different filters, we narrowed it down from 183 results to 7 results. We can now compare units in Filtering 2.0, or start to dive into each unit profile to further help decide what OTC unit we want to hunt.

Not an INSIDER and want to use this tool?

Step one: Sign up for goHUNT INSIDER to instantly find quality hunts.
Step two: Dive in and have a better season.

Learn more about INSIDER

View a free sample Unit Profile – see the level of detail INSIDER gives you for 4,200+ profiles across the West.

Let us know your thoughts on the new Public Land filtering tool. As always, hunting research is very addicting. And it's always our goal to keep expanding and offering more and more to our INSIDERs so you can be more successful in the field.


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Rudy H. - posted 1 month ago on 12-31-2019 08:35:15 am
Leesburg, VA

Brady, I hope that the questions and answers assist other members, just as they are assisting me.


Brady J. Miller
Brady M. - posted 1 month ago on 12-31-2019 12:08:04 am
Las Vegas, NV
goHUNT Team

Rudy... I absolutely love your questions! Honestly, keep them coming. I'm sure they are very helpful to a lot of users.

So... trying to find archery opportunities in Montana and Wyoming involves a little different approach. In Montana or Wyoming, if you are under the "Archery License - General (Montana)" or Archery Stamp (Wyoming) you will not see any units show up if you move any draw odds slider.

That is because you cannot draw the general archery license. You must first draw the General rifle tag, and then purchase the archery license/stamp to hunt those units. This is important to note, as you still might want to only select the archery license in Filtering 2.0 in order to see all the units in the state you can hunt with a general archery tag as sometimes there could be a unit that you can only archery hunt on the general tag.

Hope that makes sense. Trying to display those two states can be a little confusing.

Rudy H. - posted 1 month ago on 12-30-2019 06:16:13 pm
Leesburg, VA

Brady, thank you for the explanation as this will be helpful in my continued research for this season.
Also, Why doesn't Filter 2.0 depict any hunting units when searching via Archery in Montana and Wyoming?
I am looking forward to seeing the revised "How-To-Use" article!

Brady J. Miller
Brady M. - posted 1 month ago on 12-28-2019 11:29:56 am
Las Vegas, NV
goHUNT Team

Hey Rudy. Thanks for reaching out. I'm actually working on a new version of a how to use INSIDER article (as since publishing this, we have added a lot more tools).

So Applications...

On our Standalone Draw odds page. Applications will have a number below it, and that will be the number of applications "hunters" who applied at those point levels. If you see the word "No Apps" that means no hunters applied with that many points.

On Filtering 2.0:

Blank can mean that area isn't any options (archery stamps that you have to buy for example)

A zero means no person applied at that current point level and residency.

A number with an up arrow means that is how many people applied at that point level, and the number of applications are trending upward compared to the previous year.

Then the opposite for the arrow down.

A number and a dot. This means no significant trend upwards or downwards.

Sorry, this is a little hard to explain, but on the new article, I will have several screenshots showing exactly what I'm referencing.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out.

Rudy H. - posted 1 month ago on 12-28-2019 10:04:40 am
Leesburg, VA

What does the "APPLICATIONS" field reference?
In my research I have seen it blank, 0, a number with an arrow up or down and a number with a dot.

Brady J. Miller
Brady M. - posted 2 years ago on 06-28-2017 02:19:55 pm
Las Vegas, NV
goHUNT Team

Thanks, Dru! What you're talking about is something we have discussed. We do love the % wilderness and ability to save information. Thanks for the suggestions. We love hearing what all the INSIDER members want to see and do mark them all down to discuss what we can pull off. Hope you have a great day.

Dru B. - posted 2 years ago on 06-27-2017 07:10:28 pm
The Woodlands, TX

This is cool.

I would love to see a way to "save" units within my profile, such as by starring them or adding them to a favorites list, so that the next time I log in and continue to narrow down my search for the perfect unit I can pick up again right where I left off.

Would also suggest that you add a feature for % of wilderness/unit for WY.

Chris P.
Chris P. - posted 2 years ago on 06-27-2017 04:58:49 pm
Las Vegas, Nevada
goHUNT Team

Thad, glad you like it. Keep the suggestions coming. We might not be able to pull it off right away, but it goes on the list.

Brent, we like where you head is at. This is definitely on our radar...;)

Brent D. - posted 2 years ago on 06-27-2017 03:11:35 pm
Parma, Idaho

This is a great add-on. I'm curious if you will ever get to the point where you will incorporate public/private lands into the map portion. How about a map where you could put waypoints and basically use it as your scouting map as well, all integrated into one site. I realize others have this feature. Maybe with being able to research and scout on this one site along with the data integration, and then actually export those waypoints out into a .KMZ or .KML file, and upload into Google Earth or another mapping app.

Thad W. - posted 2 years ago on 06-27-2017 02:01:07 pm
Casper, WY

This is an awesome new feature guys. Thanks for listening and adding this to the filtering tools!!!