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5 people just won a $1,000 Gear Shop gift card in our August INSIDER giveaway

August INSIDER gift card giveaway winners

To kick it off this hunting season, five lucky INSIDERs just won big! In August, our INSIDER members had the chance to win one of five $1,000 gift cards to the goHUNT Gear ShopTotal value $5,000 ($1,000 per gift card). 

With all that said, we want to send out a huge congratulations to the 5 winners of this month's INSIDER giveaway! You will receive an email from us shortly. Best of luck this season.


Winner Name City & State
1 Brad B. Victoria, TX
2 Trevor S. Cottonwood, CA
3 Erik B. Portland, OR
4 Randolph C. Queen Creek, AZ
5 Dan H. Paul, ID

Every month all of our INSIDER members are automatically entered into the drawings, and a lucky handful is then randomly chosen to get top-of-the-line optics, apparel, bows, and rifles.

If you missed the chance to be entered into the August drawing — don't worry. We give away great prizes each month, and INSIDER members are automatically entered for a chance to win these prizes every month.

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Brad B. - posted 1 month ago on 09-23-2019 07:21:28 pm

Sorry Brad B from San Antonio, but close!
Thanks to GoHunt for the customer appreciation they show, this is a pretty good community to be apart of. Good luck to all on their upcoming hunts and stay safe.

Ed F. - posted 1 month ago on 09-20-2019 04:44:08 pm

Damn I didn’t win again......

Trevor S. - posted 2 months ago on 09-05-2019 01:44:56 pm

Awesome....hopefully I keep up the good luck on my first year elk hunting.
Thanks so much

damon g. - posted 2 months ago on 09-04-2019 11:28:29 am

I love the fact I can’t wait to see if I ever win. Keep up the giveaways. I love them.

Jay H. - posted 2 months ago on 09-04-2019 06:38:01 am
Evans, Co

I think I have the same problem as Anthony L?!? I hope someday I see my name!

Anthony L. - posted 2 months ago on 09-04-2019 05:40:21 am

You guys keep misspelling my name and home town.

Steven K. - posted 2 months ago on 09-04-2019 04:48:52 am

No love for the East coast - someday - I'll have to prove our merit with some pics - good luck to everyone this hunting season! And congrats to the winners.

Daniel B. - posted 2 months ago on 09-03-2019 07:41:16 pm

Dang it man!!!!

Patrick M. - posted 2 months ago on 09-03-2019 06:02:57 pm

One of these days I’ll hit the GoHunt Pick 6... c’mon throw a brother a bone!!!!

brad b. - posted 2 months ago on 09-03-2019 06:02:41 pm

Are you sure that’s not Brad B in San Antonio? Just heart skipped a beat.

Mark C. - posted 2 months ago on 09-03-2019 06:02:14 pm

The winners are money ahead for the next few years. Congratulations to all and hope everybody has a great hunting season.