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February INSIDER Giveaway: 5 Mathews VXR Bows!

Mathews VXR bow giveaway

February giveaway details:

Applying for hunting tags across the west means one thing... bowhunting season is right around the corner! So with that said, there's no better time to win a new bow. And this month is going to be an awesome giveaway!

Trail Kreitzer shooting Mathews VXR 31.5 bow

This month there will be 5 winners in our INSIDER giveaway. Each winner will get a Mathews VXR bow in the specs of their choice, plus winners will receive a Q-Lite Quiver and a Flatline StabilizerTotal value $7,745 ($1,548.98 per complete bow kit).

New 2020 Mathews VXR 31.5 and 28 bow

The new for 2020 Mathews VXR 31.5 and 28. Photo credit: Mathews

Mathews bows have always been known for their shootability and the quietest dead in hand feel. The new VXR is honestly better than their best, taking technologies from their target line, but at the same time maintaining the maneuverability of a compact hunting setup. For more information, be sure to check out more information on the Mathews VXR here. goHUNT's Trail Kreitzer was able to put the new VXR on a full test drive before they were released last fall. Check out his review here.

Key features on the VXR

Extended Bridged Riser

Mathews VXR extended bridge riser

Mathews took a strategic approach to the VXR riser design that created a bow platform that cut weight while maximizing axle to axle length and rigidity in critical areas.

Switchweight Technology

Mathews Switchweight technology

With Switchweight Technology, there's no more messing with your limbs to adjust the bow's draw weight. You can now adjust your peak weight with the quick change of a module in 5-pound increments with a simple change of a mod. Available in 60, 65, 70 and 75 lb peak weights. Switchweight mods are programmed for an incredibly smooth draw and maximum efficiency.

Repositioned 3D Damping

Mathews VXR repositioned damper

The VXR features a repositioned damper that is tuned to the specific harmonics of each model to reduce post-shot vibration and noise. In addition to that, the extended position provides added balance at full draw. Our bow expert Trail Kreitzer described the VXR as "scary quiet."

New enhanced stabilizer bushing

Mathews enhanced stabilizer bushing

The VXR features an enlarged stabilizer bushing which increases the stiffness of any attached stabilizer by up to 10%. This leads to enhanced accuracy and vibration damping.

Silent connect system compatible

Mathews VXR silent connect system

This new Silent Connect System feature on the VXR allows you to attach their exclusive Mathews bow rope and sling in the field. This is a quick and extremely silent way to carry your bow or haul it up a tree.

Ultrarest Integrate MX Rest Compatible

Mathews Ultrarest integrate mx arrow rest

This integrated Ultrarest MX Rest feature was released in 2019 and continued on the VXR line. This design sports a dovetail mounting system for quick and easy setup while providing a secure hold. The compact micro-adjust rest was designed specifically for Mathews bows with a streamlined housing allows for precision tuning with .0019 thousandths of an inch adjustment per click, both horizontally and vertically. Check out the rest here.

Mathews VXR bow specs

  VXR 28 VXR 31.5
Brace Height 6" 6"
IBO Speed Rating Up to 344 FPS Up to 343 FPS
Axle-to-Axle 28" 31.5"
Draw Weight 60, 65, 70, 75 60, 65, 70, 75
Draw Lengths 25.5-30" 26.5-31"
Let-Off 80 or 85% 80 or 85%
Physical Weight 4.44 lbs 4.66 lbs
Cam Crosscentric w/
Switchweight Technology
Crosscentric w/
Switchweight Technology
MSRP $1,099 $1,199

For more info, check out Mathews' Proving Ground video series below:

2020 VXR Proving Ground Video Series

Each month random names are pulled from our list of INSIDER members and we give away awesome gear items like rifles, optics, backpacks, and apparel. All INSIDER members are automatically qualified for a chance to win one of our giveaways — no action needed.

In recent months, we have given away 5 Hilleberg Enan tents (Valued at $3,275), 5 Browning X-Bolt Pro Tungsten rifles in 6.5 PRC (Valued at $11,099.95), 5 Leupold riflescopes (Valued at $4,849.95), 2 Swarovski 10x42 SLC binoculars (Valued at $3,598), and 5 $1,000 Gear Shop gift cards (Valued at $5,000). Check out all of our past INSIDER giveaways here.

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•   Must be an INSIDER member to be eligible for the drawing
•   All current INSIDER members are automatically entered
•   Only 1 entry per person
•   Must join INSIDER by midnight (PST) on February 29, 2020 to be eligible
•   On March 2 we will draw 5 winners and 5 alternates
•   Winners will be contacted by email or phone and will have 30 days to claim their prize
•   If winners do not respond within 30 days, we will offer the prize to an alternate

Have questions? Please feel free to email anytime.


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Jason S. - posted 5 hours ago on 02-16-2020 02:30:12 pm

These giveaways are always great, I look forward to them every month. Good job.

Lucas P. - posted 4 days ago on 02-12-2020 06:25:14 pm

Sweet give away. I am gonna buy this bow..... unless I win one of these. Looks like the best model since the OG switchback SQ2 Solocams.

Steve C. - posted 4 days ago on 02-12-2020 02:50:51 pm

Recently back into archery after 30 years due to shoulder injuries.
Bows have come a long ways since then.
Ready to get back in the saddle

Joshua W. - posted 5 days ago on 02-11-2020 08:52:26 am

oh please, please, please choose me! I have a super old bow and would be ready to shout if I won!! Especially because I am going to take my first ever elk hunting trip this year. Thanks Go Hunt for doing this for the community and for your website. Loving it!

Marc R. - posted 5 days ago on 02-11-2020 07:14:35 am

SO INCREDIBLE that you guys do all these giveaways! And the gear lists & comparison reviews ~ it's all so fantastic in addition to the Insider information. Thank you, GOHUNT is THE authority in hunting information! And best of all, you TAKE CARE of your members!

Ronald D. - posted 6 days ago on 02-10-2020 08:36:57 am

Hope to hunt archery mule deer in Colorado this year and this would surely help. Good luck everybody

Robert R. - posted 1 week ago on 02-09-2020 02:54:21 pm

Never owned anything but mathews!

Timothy C. - posted 1 week ago on 02-09-2020 12:12:59 pm

This year will be my first year as a bow hunter. I shot my foot with a 30-30 while hunting and have had to go through a lot of surgery’s to get me ready for the hills! Just had my last surgery in December. Winning a top of the line bow to have my chances better for a great shot for the kill would be amazing. Affording a bow like that would be impossible in my situation right now. How cool would that be. Thanks go hunt for all the information you provide to make us all better hunters.

Aaron D. - posted 1 week ago on 02-09-2020 10:02:42 am


Shane P. - posted 1 week ago on 02-08-2020 09:51:12 pm

It would be super awesome to be the first Alaska winner

Robert R. - posted 1 week ago on 02-08-2020 10:38:39 am

This would be so awesome! Looking forward to their new equipment

Joshua Z. - posted 1 week ago on 02-08-2020 08:06:52 am
Denver Co

This would make my day!

Skyler R. - posted 1 week ago on 02-07-2020 06:38:54 pm

Let’s get the arrows flying! I’ll take one

Dan W. - posted 1 week ago on 02-07-2020 05:14:06 pm

It would be an honor and dream come true to win this.

Mark C. - posted 1 week ago on 02-07-2020 02:59:08 pm

Love Mathews bows

Makenna B. - posted 1 week ago on 02-07-2020 11:17:54 am

Just started archery hunting and learning about archery generally. This would be incredible if the draw odds choose me :)

Johnathan D. - posted 1 week ago on 02-07-2020 08:53:50 am

This would be awesome considering mine was stolen out of my truck!

Aristeo S. - posted 1 week ago on 02-07-2020 06:16:43 am

Love all you guys are doing and Good Luck to ALL!

MARTIN P. - posted 1 week ago on 02-07-2020 03:18:23 am

Beautiful Bows

Jerry A. - posted 1 week ago on 02-07-2020 12:15:30 am

Boy I look good with these in my hands draw me please

Jeremy A. - posted 1 week ago on 02-06-2020 11:57:38 pm

Let's all pray to sweet baby Jesus, pick me, pick me....LOL

Jeremy A. - posted 1 week ago on 02-06-2020 11:57:25 pm

Let's all pray to sweet baby Jesus, pick me, pick me....LOL

Juan C. - posted 1 week ago on 02-06-2020 09:44:51 pm

Guys, the simple fact that you even have these monthly draws for members is great and makes a lot of us feel valued and enriched. Thanks to all the GoHunt team for all that you do for the hunting public!

MARTIN P. - posted 1 week ago on 02-06-2020 07:38:06 pm

I love my Mathews Drenilin but it's time for a new Mathews

Philip W. - posted 1 week ago on 02-06-2020 06:57:48 pm
Chester NH

Please!!!! This would be a great one to win!
Good luck everyone

Bill S. - posted 1 week ago on 02-06-2020 06:37:54 pm

This is one I wish I could win.Need a new bow badly .

Steve G. - posted 1 week ago on 02-06-2020 06:32:39 pm

PIck me! 31.5 please!!

Bradlee S. - posted 1 week ago on 02-06-2020 06:28:08 pm
Eugene oregon

This will be the month I win cause I have one already but I'm ok with that

Jason B. - posted 1 week ago on 02-06-2020 06:13:32 pm

It sure would be nice to take one of these babies home.

Mitchell T. - posted 1 week ago on 02-06-2020 06:10:32 pm
Henderson, Nevada

Oh please baby Jesus please please please! I’ll be good all year I promise!