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Extreme anti-hunting advertisement


Father and son hunting
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The divide between hunters and anti-hunters is not new yet continues to travel through the media circuit almost weekly. The recent string of high profile hunts – and the immediate backlash -- often overrides the positive aspects behind hunting like conservation or spending time with family and friends.

There is a slew of new anti-hunting advertisements featuring Heena Sidhu, the first Indian pistol shooter to be ranked number one in the world. Sidhu’s involvement in the anti-hunting advertisements blends the shooting world with the anti’s and promotes a complicated message, which may be the underlying reason PETA approached her in the first place. It is not too often you run into a shooter that does not support hunting.

Anti-hunting PETA ad
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While the conflict between hunters and anti-hunters may never reach a resolution, it is important to realize that many anti-hunting campaigns go to extreme lengths to prove that hunting is wrong, which is often incredibly misleading. Many of these organizations funnel millions of dollars into anti-hunting campaigns while hunters funnel millions of dollars into conservation and habitat restoration. 

Hunting has been part of the framework of our country – and the world – for centuries. While there are obviously some bad apples in the bunch, management through state-regulated hunting is an important part of environmental balance.

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Fred Turner_1127970257229410
Fred T. - posted 4 years ago on 05-28-2015 07:01:46 pm
Bloomfield, NM

Why do you have your finger on the trigger, are you going to shoot your phone or the photographer? Did you know PETA has the highest kill rate of any prominent shelter organization? You certainly picked a bad group for a sponsor if you are an animal lover.