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APPLICATION STRATEGY 2015: Wyoming deer and antelope

Wyoming is a trophy antelope generator and also holds some great deer hunting opportunities. When it comes to antelope hunting, this state has it all. More B&C antelope have come from the Cowboy State than any other, and it has both trophy and opportunity hunting galore. Two deer species are available across much of the state, including both mule deer and whitetail deer. The resurgence of some classic mule deer areas and regions should make for an exciting 2015 season. The whitetail deer on the eastern side of the state are also making a recovery from a recent bout with EHD. The application process can be a bit confusing because Wyoming uses a hybrid system as well as both a regular and special draw. Sound intimidating? Luckily we eliminate as much guess work as possible to help create a hunt of a lifetime. You can apply online here.   continue reading...