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APPLICATION STRATEGY 2015: Montana sheep, moose, goat, bison

If you are not applying in Montana for the big three, you should be. The Big Sky Country now has the cheapest application fees in the West for Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep, Shiras moose, Rocky Mountain goat and bison. Recent changes to the application process means nonresidents no longer have to front $750 per species. For the new price of $50 per species you can get in the game and start building points. If you apply for sheep, moose and mountain goat it will now cost you $150 (plus $10 for a conservation license and $20 for a bonus point) when two years ago you had to front $2,250. Everyone can now afford to apply and build points in Montana. If that isn't enough to entice you, Montana is also the only state where you can buy an over-the-counter "unlimited" bighorn sheep license. Only five areas are available for this special sheep license and quotas are very limited and often close in the first week of the season. These unlimited hunts are very rugged, sheep numbers are exremely low and this hunt should not be taken lightly.  continue reading...