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INSIDER Rebuild Now Live For 2019!

2019 Draw odds released and INSIDER Rebuild

We are excited to announce that our 2019 INSIDER Rebuild and Draw Odds updates are now live!

If you missed our last update, the past six months have been spent completely rebuilding everything on INSIDER. The INSIDER research platform just hit our four year anniversary, so it was time for a completely new set of code to increase performance and allow more research functionality; these new enhancements are huge for all users! You will see a new interface, faster load times, additional filtering functionality and new enhancements on Draw Odds. You'll now see all the updated information on the standalone Draw Odds page, Filtering 2.0 and Unit Profiles.


Each year we find more and more ways to add enhancements to our Draw Odds platform, and this year we completely redesigned the INSIDER product from the ground up.

Instead of just updating all the data for the 2019 season, we wanted to bring you more information than ever before. Note: We still need to update 2019 season dates for multiple states. This is accomplished after each state publishes their new regulation book. Once again, this year we included several major enhancements:

1. Extremely Faster Load Times

Load times are now faster than ever! So now, you'll be able to get your research data faster allowing you to bounce between pages without slow load times! The more data points you add to a system, typically the slower the system performs. Not anymore! We made it a goal to squash slow load times, and we are happy to say that for 2019, Draw Odds, Filtering 2.0 and Unit Profiles load times are much, much faster.

2. Data Overload - Updated Draw Odds Throughout Every State

Draw odds updated for 2019 on goHUNT

The most accurate draw odds — just got better in 2019! Every state and unit has been updated to show the latest draw odds. You'll now be able to see exactly how the 2018 draw played out to help you decide how to apply in 2019. The result of these updates further showcases us as having the most accurate draw odds in the industry.

Draw Odds details page view on INSIDER

Year-over-year draw odds view showing an applicant at the 8 point level. You'll be able to see trends in draw odds, point creep, applications and tags drawn.

Along with the updated odds on the standalone draw odds experience page, each unit also has it's own detailed draw odds page where you can track trends even further with our year-over-year draw odds data. You’ll see exactly how the draws have played out for each state through the years (tracking point creep) and you’ll be able to track the trends at your point level.

Click here to see 2019 Draw Odds

Other new 2019 enhancements

Throughout the INSIDER Rebuild, we were hard at work on new enhancements to further benefit your research plan.

Applications by point level in Wyoming

If you missed our last INSIDER update, we now break out the Applications By Point Level BELOW the draw cut-off line in Wyoming and you can see those trends for the past four years. For the first time, you can see exactly how many applicants you might be competing with for licenses going into the 2019 draw. Previously you only had a total of how many didn’t draw and had no idea how many of those might have been at your same point level. Now you do, and it’s one more critical piece of the puzzle that can help put a tag in your pocket!

Utah black bear draw odds!

Utah black bear draw odds on INSIDER

We are excited to announce that we now have Utah black bear draw odds for both residents and nonresidents! Last year we added black bear draw odds for Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, and Oregon. You’ll be able to see draw odds for black bear under Filtering 2.0 and the standalone Draw Odds page for six western states.

Youth draw odds!

Youth Draw odds on goHUNT Filtering

Screenshot of selecting youth draw odds in Utah on Filtering 2.0.

Showcasing more hunting opportunities throughout the West is what we are all about! And based on INSIDER feedback, we have now added youth draw odds for several states. Currently, we have youth draw odds for Utah and Colorado. You can find youth draw odds on our standalone Draw Odds Page, or on Filtering 2.0. See more information below:

  • Utah youth draw odds for:
    • General deer
    • Antlerless deer
    • Antlerless elk
    • Doe antelope
  • Colorado youth draw odds
    • You'll be able to see how youth applied on every species.

Here is the big thing in Colorado, the species below actually have a statistical advantage for a youth draw odds:

  • Doe antelope
  • Antlerless and either sex deer
  • Antlerless elk


Stay tuned for more enhancements we are coming out with in 2019! In the following weeks, we will be releasing more youth odds, and season dates when we receive them from the states. Feel free to reach out to us at any time if you have questions. Best of luck in the 2019 draws.

If you're unfamiliar with INSIDER, you can read more below.

Learn more about INSIDER here


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MARK M. - posted 8 months ago on 03-23-2019 06:03:58 pm
Sherwood Oregon

In Oregon when two hunts are listed for the same unit ie: cow versus bull or any elk it is hard to determine which hunt is which?

Brady J. Miller
Brady M. - posted 8 months ago on 03-22-2019 09:57:36 am
Las Vegas, NV
goHUNT Team

Hey Rick. Yes, you are correct. Washington will be our next state on INSIDER and will be live this year before the application deadline. We can't wait to get it out there for everyone!

rick b. - posted 8 months ago on 03-22-2019 06:54:48 am

I heard Washington State is going to be added soon is that true?

Lane C. - posted 9 months ago on 02-22-2019 05:55:36 am

Hopefully one day we will see a gohunt app. That would be awesome.

Dustin G. - posted 9 months ago on 02-21-2019 07:55:56 am
norman, Ok

I’d like to see Alaska on here as well.

Trail K.
Trail K. - posted 9 months ago on 02-19-2019 11:20:10 am
goHUNT Team

@ David H.

Currently we do not have plans to add CWMU hunts, due to the fact that they are only applicable to residents and they occur entirely on private land. The rules/regs and season dates are somewhat complex and in turn it's likely to generate more questions than we have good data and understanding of those private land areas. Hopefully that clarifies it, let me know if you have any further questions or if I can help you out in any way!

David H. - posted 9 months ago on 02-15-2019 01:55:12 pm
Northern UT

Is there any chance that you guys will add Utah CWMU odds in future updates? With the vast units available, it is extremely difficult to know odds for every one of them.

Ben A. Stoner
Ben S. - posted 9 months ago on 02-12-2019 10:14:45 pm
Las Vegas, NV
goHUNT Team

Hi Richard. Sorry for the difficulty with the sliders. That's an issue on our end, and we are working on a fix which should go live this week. As for the "top menu bar" thing you're seeing, will you please take a screenshot and email it to Appreciate the feedback and sorry again for the inconvenience!

Richard S. - posted 9 months ago on 02-12-2019 06:33:37 pm

Since joining gohunt as an Insider, I've mostly been using Safari on my iPad to research hunting opportunities for 2019 and beyond. But since the Insider Rebuild, it's been nearly impossible to use the Filtering 2.0 and the Draw Odds sections. Specifically, the slider bars in the filters section act like they are having a seizure and don't work well, and the pages, particularly the top menu bar, don't seem to load properly. Is anyone else having these problems? Any feedback on how I can fix this, or is it a webpage problem?

Bill D. - posted 9 months ago on 02-12-2019 09:57:31 am
OK and CO

I second the request for Alaska. I realize we've missed the December 2018 deadline, but hey, that gives you all time before this year's, right? :)

Daniel C. - posted 9 months ago on 02-11-2019 12:44:35 pm

How about Alaska?

Brady J. Miller
Brady M. - posted 9 months ago on 02-11-2019 12:18:46 pm
Las Vegas, NV
goHUNT Team

Hey Jason. Sorry for the late response. I was at the Sheep Show all weekend. Yes, those rumors are 100% true. We will have Washington and Kansas on goHUNT before their application deadlines.

Jason H. - posted 10 months ago on 02-08-2019 08:28:16 am

Any truth to the rumors you are adding WA this year?

Trail K.
Trail K. - posted 10 months ago on 02-04-2019 02:06:55 pm
goHUNT Team

@ Nick C

Yes, Filtering 2.0, unit profiles, and stand alone draw odds are all updated.

Nick C. - posted 10 months ago on 02-04-2019 10:35:39 am
Denver, Colorado

Just to be clear, are 2019 Colorado draw odds active on Filtering 2.0? or only Draw Odds?

Ryan W. - posted 10 months ago on 02-04-2019 07:56:55 am

I was about to post something just like the last post. That level of customization and interactivity would be epic. I could then get rid of my Google sheet with all my ID#'s and points. I'd just refer to GoHunt. Plus, I think that would also make the site super sticky.

Matt E. - posted 10 months ago on 02-02-2019 05:56:14 pm
Missoula Montana

While we're dropping ideas, here's one. Expand on the profile system to allow us to enter how many points we have in whatever states, what dates/seasons we anticipate being able to hunt, and what species(s) we are most interested in. Then the system poops out what it thinks would be the optimal hunts to apply for with varying levels of certainty for drawing tags.

So if I 100% can hunt elk for one week in september but don't know what state or HD to apply for, I enter all my states Id be interested in and how many points I have then Insider gives me my best options. Basically taking all the manual work of the Filtering system and automating it, then having Filtering there to do further research.

Then maybe an interactive calendar that tracks what hunts you're planning, and a shopping cart of sorts that keeps track of how much you're planning on spending on apps/tags/licenses for that year and pings you when something important that you've expressed interest in has a deadline coming up. So rather than having to fill out sticky notes on my desktop its all in one spot on goHunt.

James k. - posted 10 months ago on 02-02-2019 04:08:04 pm

yes, please add that. Thank you

Jared G. - posted 10 months ago on 02-02-2019 08:34:47 am

I agree with Gary and Dan!

Trail K.
Trail K. - posted 10 months ago on 02-01-2019 02:44:17 pm
goHUNT Team

@ Daniel & Gary

We genuinely appreciate the feedback! I will cycle it through the team and we will see if we can add those features. Ultimately we want it to work as seamlessly and efficient as possible and it if makes sense to add them and we can, we will. Thanks again!

Daniel C. - posted 10 months ago on 02-01-2019 11:44:38 am

I 2nd Gary's ask. THis is a feature that I would also like. When looking for great max point hunts in Wyoming I don't want to sift through all the low point hunts for a state/species/hunt

Gary H. - posted 10 months ago on 02-01-2019 03:57:44 am

Any chance you folks could create a slider bar where you enter the points so if you were a person applying with 15 points you could set a minimum so all of the low points units didn't show up?

I think a lot of people would use this.

Maybe instead of a slider bar you could just have a min max point input location.



Then only the units for that point range appear.

I realize you can select with a % chance of being drawn and thats nice and all but it doesn't does not eliminate the lower point units.

Could you also make a quick link at the top for filtering 2.0 so I dont have to play cat and mouse with that pop-up screen at the top of the page 5 times before it finally allows me to select something? For some reason when I move my mouse using Firefox it disappears constantly. Several other users I have talked to are annoyed by this as well.