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Everything you need to know about Colorado's OTC hunts

So you did not draw an elk tag for 2015, but you still want to hunt elk this year? No need to panic. Colorado is the perfect place and an over-the-counter (OTC) elk tag is the answer. With roughly 135 OTC archery elk units and 91 second and third season rifle units, Colorado is abundant with elk hunting opportunities. The state also boasts the largest elk herd in the U.S., giving all elk hunters an opportunity to hunt elk this fall. With elk hunting, if you wait your entire life to draw a limited entry tag, then you will not have the experience and firsthand knowledge of elk behavior and will probably end up going home empty handed. Colorado also holds the highest success rate on elk hunting in the west for OTC hunters. Plus Colorado is virtually free of wolves and grizzly bears. This is definitely a positive when considering camping in the backcountry.  continue reading...